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"Yılan Prens" Masal Müziği

Ntv Radyo'da yayınlanan, Judith Liberman'ın hazırlayıp sunduğu "Yılan Prens" programında "Masal Bilmeyen Adam" masalı için hazırladığım müzik. Programın ...


MUSIC: MAY IT BE, ENYA https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_videoeditor&v=pNQmuNBowYs ...

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official TRAILER (2016) Ben Affleck Superhero Movie HD

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Official TRAILER (2016) Ben Affleck Superhero Movie HD Director: Zack Snyder Writers: David S. Goyer, Jerry Siegel ...

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Skip it. This is going to be a cine-turd. Zack Snyder is a terrible director.
Zack Snyder kicks ass your a fake ass bitch that needs to fuck off go fuck nolan up the ass bitch
I miss you like Ben Affleck needs acting lessons. Dawn of Justice Sucked a little bit more than how much I miss you.
Shut the fuck up fake ass dc fan go jackoff to shitty nolan
Can someone explain to me why Batman is gonna fight Supes? Does Batman want to prove that he is stronger that Supes or what?
0:40 are those motherfucking Nazis?!
Those are probably soldiers that have been obtained through the awe and fear brought about by the thought of Superman's unlimited and unmatched power. So, this is Superman's little army that is supposedly as seen throughout the trailer with Batman's fighter that is suppose to stop him or slow him down. This gives rise to the thought that perhaps, Superman is corrupt.
How in the hell is Batman supposed to beat Superman!!!!!!!! 
Guess we'll find out lol
who will be the main villian in this movie?
Lex Luthor
I hope Aquaman makes a cameo.
He'll be in it.
Looks awful. More recycled unoriginal superhero garbage. But, people keep paying to watch this shit. 
Your fucking awful you nolan bale bitch fuck you zack Snyder rules
+LUpilot2012 mierda eres tu coñisimo de tu perra madree maldiciao reculiaoo

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks About Batman v Superman

Jimmy tries to get Jeffrey to confirm whether or not he's in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: ...

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negan vs batman who wins ?
Rick Grimes
it's a joke, it's all a joke...
+JovanFB nope
So if John Winchester is Thomas Wayne...doesn't that make Dean Batman?!!
Yessss! :D
So John Winchester raised Batman. No wonder he's so screwed up.
Haha hahaha :D
Well Dean does believe he's Batman. 
Bless you for this comment :D ♡♥♡
He would make for a brilliant Thomas Wayne Batman in a flash point type story adapted to the big screen. BTW, its not his fault he has to be so tight lipped. The movie is a year away, and WB obviously wants to keep their surprised. Hopefulley we the flood gates are opened at sdcc
it only makes sense to do it. this is the first thomas wayne actor who is solid. not some actor we don't even know like in previous batman films. dc has a big plan coming
He looks a lot like Robert Downey Jr. Thumbs up if you agree.
James Franco
+MisterCovek they're actually a twin
+AGSA5 Javier Bardem.
Not really at all
Is this John Winchester?

TV Review: Young Justice 1x21 Image

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I actually thought this was one of the better episodes of this show thus far. I'm curious as to why you thought the foreign affairs stuff was handled immaturely, what about it came off as poorly done to you? Also I don't really have a problem with MM biggest fear being that Conner won't accept her in her white martian form, I mean she is a teenage girl and most teenage girls or teens in general biggest concern is how others view them especially physically.
hey you were right it is Match in the next episode, I was wrong it's not Prime

Evil Ways - Arr. Ralph Ford (Evil Ways.)

Howard Gallery Commercial

Framing Company/ Gallery in Myrtle Beach Wrote/Graphics.

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I won't go there.. that's uniquely you!
Concept from Danial Hemme.
Needs a talking fish

AMC Movie Talk - MAN OF STEEL Image, Whedon Wouldn't Want Original Cast in STAR WARS, No 24 Movie

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Episode #81 - Tuesday March 12th 2013) we discuss: 1) Joss Whedon doesn't want Ford, Hamill & Fisher back in STAR ...

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The thing is that Agent Coulson is still resonating in a current franchise. Ford Fisher and Hamill are not characters that currently resonate in the Star Wars universe. So I wouldn't say that is a good comparison. However, having those 3 return might be the only thing that gets me to see this trilogy. I've pretty much put Star Wars behind me. Let's face it, not much Star Wars media is good after the original trilogy and I'm not even excited for the new one or sure if I am even going to see it.
I dunno, this CGI wave of movies has become a bit too dominant over the last 2 decades, and I honestly don't think they look great. Sure it's impressive, but I feel like I'm looking at a fancy videogame cutscene, not a movie. Avengers especially seems like one of those movies, and it's gonna look horrible in the future, unlike say... TDKR which has very few special effects compared to the average blockbuster movie these days. If Beauty and the Beast will be handled by burton...low expectations
Sorry, but do you know what your talking about. Listen to the words that come out of your mouth!!!!! Anything that is starwars is ruined because of the prequels. On top of adding the original cast!!! Holly smokes, Fisher has a raspier voice than darth vader! Harrison Ford is what Han Solo - yeah he put that hat down the same time he did Indiana Jones Crystal thingy, so moving forward is the best thing for starwars. Look that story is done! make a new one in the same universe.
I agree with Whedon. I don't want to see those guys back for Episode VII, I want new blood. The problem with going back reflects how bad nostalgia is. It keeps us from moving forward and makes us even more insecure about the future. They should do like Legend of Korra and have Episode VII take place 70-80 years into the future when all the original characters are dead. If fans want them, then have a statue or photograph in the background.
As far as Harrison Ford ,Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil coming back for a little air time goes I say HELL YEAH. Why would you be against it? I mean look at it this way their not going to be a big part of the movie so they won't make or break it but if the movie is terrible at least you get to see these 3 legends in action one last time together.
Surely you can see my fear that the memory of those iconic characters could be ruined by seeing them so much older. Anyway, old people in a movie about Wars in the Stars could be boring. If they are there, they shouldn't really be the focus of the story, as a 70 year old Harrison Ford may not be able to run around shooting Stormtroopers.
No, im not entirely wrong, only a little. Christopher Nolan co-wrote the story with David S. Goyer (who's been a hack since he directed blade 3) and Nolan is one OF the producers of the film, not a main producer. Due to his schedual he will pop his head in a few times but is not a major or focused producer on the film.
In Star Wars just will be a cameo. Don't think like a publishist. Why change the music to Superman!!! It's like chage the music of James Bond!!! The change is not the better in this case. That the will be the new Superman Search in Youtube SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - The Death of Superman (Fan film 1 of 3)
Personally....I think that Firefly is waaaaaaaaaay over rated. I would leave it as it is. Don't take me wrong, Whedon's "Dollhouse" was awesome (way better that Firefly) but I had to recognize that it was over. So people....recognize that Firefly is over and go on with your lives...
I don't know if lightning will strike twice as Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull proved. Hopefully they'll put some young body under their old faces like Dooku. I'd like to see bitchy Leia with a lightsaber. Those hot flashes would make her quite formidable.
I agree with Whedon, these guy's are too old so it'll be kinda silly because I don't think anyone wants to see a fat and wrinkled Luke and Leia and a just plain wrinkled beyond belief Han Solo. It'll be like visiting a old folks home in the Star Wars Universe.
A live-action B&B worries me. B&B is one of my favorite Disney movies. If I were doing it, I would make it scary. When we first meet the Beast, he needs to be scary. And I would make the Beast motion-capture, bringing on Andy Serkis to play him.
Why do people worship Whedon's feet? He's made some moderately successful projects, many of which were good, some of which were not so good. He's a competent, but average contribution to sci-fi. Nothing close to the status of greatness.
Burton's Batman wasn't that Bad better than Schomacker's Batman and Robin but then most of Schomackers problem was the studios fault they wanted it toyetic (word they invented) more concerned with selling toys than making a good movie.
I wish Whedon was doing the movie. I know there are a lot of people that don't agree with me, but Star Wars was great because it was different. Whedon would definitely do that. Abrams sounds like he's doing quite a bit of recycling.
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