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Henry ford teenager Videos

2007- A new year- A New spree of Teenage killings

sorry for the gay music, the original song was i tried so hard by Akon but youtube disabled it becuase of "copyright" issues. Over 52 younsters murdered this year ...

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I think that what you're saying is a total nonsense. No way there should be guns allowed or carried around. In England it isn't as easy as in South or North America to get a gun, so they use knives. Almost every one of these murders was caused by teenage gangster wannabes as you can tell from the video. A big motivation comes from the gangster rap songs, lyrics and videos, but a young teenager doesn't see that this has only a musical purpose, so they get weapons and kill people without a reason.
its really mad when you think of it,in the old days they had nothing to do and know one did this,everyone looked out for their friends and neighbours. You would not put a family through this grief in your own neighbourhood. You would also deal with anyone who did this,you certainly would not hide the scum bags. Its alright banging on about 'being a bad person if you grass on someone' but somethings wrong when you put that stupid statement above punishing the idiot who shot or stabbed someone.
But this gives you no excuse to kill, it should motivate you to go out there and do something with your life, not drain the life out of your country by draining its resources. You make your world, you lie in it!!. You dont kill or allow others to be killed. You work for those you love and you be a worthy human being...not a spoilt worthless brat who thinks its Ok to ruin a whole generation.We are better off in this country than half the world. There are other ways to live.
RIP to all those in vide this is a nation wide problem dont forget thats just teenagers at the moment there somethink like 25 people dieing each day from kinfe or gun crime is there a solution yes there is i admit i own a firearm but i dont go round killing u see if they unbanned guns me for one would throw mine away mabye use it sometimes i meen its the adreline inside i no people hu have them hu think there bad well they i no for one wouldint feel so cool it was unbanned
Okay...solution is to ban knives then? I don't follow....youy ban guns, so they kill with knives, then you bitch about the rap songs and such....oh my..you Brits think you are SO civilized, and that this kind of stuff should be behind your society...but it's not...so you look for anything to blame, instead of looking at yourselves...same problem here in the states. Only we have guns, and where guns are preveliant, there is LESS crime, and more SELF DEFENSE.
LONDON??? I thought GUNS WERE BANNED? Maybe if they had some for self defense they wouldn't be DEAD???? MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME. Chicago, Ill. (USA) Just became the murder capital in the U.S...and GUNS HAVE BEEN BANNED THERE FOR 12 YEARS. In my town there hasn't been a mnurder in 27 years, and everyone is armed here...we have a local Militia of 200-300 men armed with "assault rifles", and about 10-15 Police...yet no one goes around killing....odd itn't it?
I am not a Brit. I am a Slovak and I don't agree with your solution to get even more weapons for self-defence. I mean who does? More weapons will only create more crime and more murders and I also didn't get why I should look at myself. It is definetly not my fault that some mental gangsta wannabes play with guns as if they were toys killing innocent people. You're saying more weapons les murders, well look at the figures of murders in the US and here.
Thank you for this video. Too many kids are being killed and it is aweful. You are right, the family and friends of the fallen suffer. Not a day has gone by that I havn't thought of Rhys. I miss him so much. Christmas is going to be hard without him, especially for his family. I remember on Christmas Eve last year, taking to him about what he was getting for Christmas. Rest In Peace to all these people, and the many more who have fallen.
People who use weapons are out and out cowards thats the bottom line. People used to deal with the problem with words, and if there was a fight it would be one on one with fists, not gangs on 1 person with weapons, No thats just scummy. One day they will all wake up to this and feel ashamed, there is no need for this when you come from family who work to give you what they can,it may not be as much as the next guy.
yeah now wannabe gangters think theyr fukin invincible coz they got a peice on them. innocnet children nad people die because of that. look at rhys jones. wot da fuk did he do, nothing and he woz shot ded coz sum scum wanted to test his gun out. theyr kids themselves. i blame the parents aswell. look at the killer of rhys jones, his family and friends are protecting him.
yeh i agree with you look at Steven Nyembo-Ya-Muteba, 40,stabbed to death after telling youths to move away from his flat becoz they were keeping him away.he had 2 little kids and another man was stabbed to death after youths blocked his car at traffic lights and he told them to move also another man was stabbed to death after a youth threw a choklate in his car.
True but what would stop it? Camera's everywhere? No. Police everywhere? NO. Wouldbe victims capable of self defense? YES. For example, in America, there are over ONE MILLION crimes defended/avoided by the USE OF FIREARMS FOR SELF DEFENSE. In my town there hasn't been a murder in 27 years, and everyone is armed here...ARM YOURSELF, IGNORE THE BS ON TV.
to all those that have past by knife or bullet this is sooooooooooooooooo wrong young lifes being wasted 4 no reason, wot is left 4 me as a young person aswell will i live 2 make change? wen i make da change it will b bcoz of all those who have pasted showin us as younger generation dis is not da way to live.. R.I.P XX god bless all

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