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Cbr infarct Videos


Un accident la graniţa dintre judeţul Mureş şi Cluj a făcut o victimă. Poliţiştii iau în calcul şi posibilitatea ca şoferul să fi făcut infarct înainte de impact. Detaliile ...

Gayle San - Universe Anthem (1994)

Label: Frankfurt Beat Productions Catalog#: 901038.1 Country: Germany Released: 1994 Genre: Electronic Style: Trance, Tribal, Techno, Hardcore, Acid 192 ...

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the melody from this track is stolen from Hybris-Gold Rush Vol.2 ----- check it yourself
Ok this is it. Without exception..probably the best techno/trance tune ever
öööööööööhhhh ich rege ab wen ich das wort sage
wie kann so ein geiler track nur 168 views haben?
That's right but I prefer Hybris!

Gestul unui copil.

Cel mai frumos gest pe care l-am vazut la intanirea din acest an, a fost facut de un copil. Un copil care poate fi numit OM adevarat si prieten adevarat. Pentru ...

R4 - Yamaha (Yamaha.)

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Your all idiots! In some countries the law restricts you to having a smaller displacement motorcycles In this case Vietnam there only allow to have 350cc but a special license is require to ride one. If you have this dudes bike is the grandaddy back where hes at.
@innova8504 You're just jealous cause you can't have a bike like that, or a dick like that of those two, or maybe you couldn't satisfy your ex gf ;) Ouch!
@OhDearGod100 that is an r1. its the 08 style front end. look at the airscoops under the headlights. R6 has the ram air ducts in between the headlights.
Why bye an R1 if its restricted to 400CC? And for gods sake use a helmet! The MC looks nice though:-) Always remember to warm up the engine.
@Snowden61 They are not Chinese and I am pretty sure they are not "faggots". Just a couple of friends acting stupid on a bike.
that's r1 stupid boy ya can't say that is r4 you all feel like alay or son of a bitch juast to conceited :angry thumb down
@181jose You have got to be kidding me ? ..... If you even think this is a 250 please stay off a motorcycle.....
@innova8504 You are just jealous cause you can't have a bike like that, or even a dick like those two. ;) Ouch!
you got it wrong intead of 4 you should type 1... and remember, such mistakes can cost you in life.. hehe
hahaha.... the rider of bike is a dick face ass hole..... he looks like my ex- gf's rotten pussy
omg you can see clear as daylight that is an r1 it saysd it on the side :/
dude, can't you read it says R1 at 0:40, R4 is 250 cc and looks different
bo me NGU the YAMAHA YZF R1 doi 2007, up nham ten roi ma', dung la CHUOI
why would yamaha put double disk brakes (look at the front) on a 250cc
@DJMichi5 dont forget to mention: learn to ride safely aswell.
r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 not r4 r4 r4r 4hahaha lols!!!!
@OhDearGod100 Hahaha. It's an R1 you dumb piece of shit.

Edicol Cnu di Egidio Franco - 100 metri maschile, Cattaneo Federico del Cus di Roma Tre

Interviste ai protagonisti dei Campionati Nazionali Universitari 2013... L'Inchiesta Quotidiano è media partner della manifestazione. Ogni giorno in edicola 8 ...

senzatii tari din 1989


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A friend of mine gave me a box full of graphic novels for free (20+), mainly Batman (Knightfall pt1 + pt2 and Knightsend (I wasn't that into the whole Batman character until I read them, truely awsome books), No mands land 1 - 5, Cataclysm, Dark Victory blah blah blah). I have a copy of 'The Dark Knight Returns' which I havent sarted yet as I have been busy with the Walking Dead and 100 Bullets tpb's, so my quesion is, is 'Dark Knight Retuns' a must read? Thanks for the show guys!
out of curiosity, how many pages are there per issue? i live in england so we get everything either 2 years later or not at all unless we go directly to the websites and its a complete pain. i'd love to be proper writer one day and if you did a segment on what makes a decent story, what comics to read for good stories and which ones to completely avoid at all costs then that ould be great, thanks.
@2cherylcxko313 We have a little rant about Buffy in the next video which will probably be up on Monday. Judging by your youtube avatar you may not like what we have to say. Just know that Elliott and I are huge Buffy fans and it does pain us to said anything negative about our favorite slayer...but we do try to keep things honest on here so it happens from time to time. J.
Awe, to be a nub to this comic again:) I have to LOVE on this comic everytime!! If you are not reading this, you're missing out. One of my top favs...Mark Grayson soooo my comic book crush :P LOL Thx J for bringin this into my life! THIS IS PAPER AWESOMENESS. Yea the old custume, boo for black and blue JS.
@maxsant74 Besides his writing on Destroyer, I wasn't too impressed with his Marvel stuff either. Invincible is a completely different animal though. If you do buy it I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. Please let us know what you think of Invincible after reading it. J.
@Taico333 haha, i have that too! ive only heard negative things about it (like the story is iquite techinical and pretty hard to follow), so i don't think i'll bother. plus my copy is in really bad condition, i think it will turn to dust if i pick it up...
@veikira There is a second printing of Invincible Returns coming out this week I believe. Hopefully you can find it this Wednesday. As for the Invincible Ultimate Collections, Volume 5 just came out a couple of weeks ago. J.
@camnick8923 That was a great twist. We were going to review it but decided to wait for the next (and final) issue to come out. We will definitely talk about it then. J.
@Hellride7 Ya, I think The Dark Knight is kinda a must read. Some of the stuff in there is a bit dated but overall it is still a good story and holds up well. J.
@2cherylcxko313 I wouldn't say we were pissed. We just thought it was a bit much. There were parts of the issue that I did like though. J.
@comicculturewarrior Thanks for the reply! ill give it a go after i've finished Andi Ewington's [Forty-Five]45. keep up the good work!
I love these guys. I started reading comics at the beginning of this year and I have learnt so much from Elliot and Jose.
@generaldark Because he thinks I have been garnering to much attention and wants the show to focus more on him. J.
Kirkman is growing as a writer. If you really look at it Invincible a good deal of it is about violence
@deemar325 and love and puberty and family and now teenage pregnancy
((ducks in)) great job guys..! ((heads back to the CCW site))
They're back! Great review guys, keep up the good work.

Curso Internacional de Implantodontia - Prof. Fabiano Capato

Trailer do curso internacional de implantodontia. É um curso voltado aos profissionais que queiram realizar um treinamento intensivo em cirurgias de implantes ...

Fatal Castration ( Myocardial Ischemia Injury Infraction )

disease sickening with lust....
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