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Lacunar infarct video Videos

The Novelist - Part 1

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! - //bit.ly/RLJIH8 Let's play The Novelist. The Novelist asks one central question: can you achieve your dreams without pushing away ...

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I would love to see you play STALKER with the MISERY mod xD You + Your tourettes-like seizures while playing + That Game = EPICNESS!
I mean... in the Downpour-LP; "Schnitzel McBitchtits!" WTF is that? xD
you have kids?!
Yeah, he has a daughter, her name is Lexus :)
I gave this a chance, but I personally think this game is actually quite boring... Sorry but I won't be watching this series. (No hate respect my opinion)
actually I have to agree with you on this...there are some let's plays out their that are just not worth doing or watching
Uploading the second part to this and that;s it for the dyay
happy new year man (: also i recommend trying the game starbound is part survival part adventure really awesome is like terraria+SPORE mixed you get to explore planets anyways have a nice year thanks for all the videos :D
this is a good game
+RaedwulfGamer hey I got me and Casey "Nether" and if you get on right now let me know I have some gifts for you on there 
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