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Auto upholstery employment Videos

"Disgruntled employees" +how-to fix mistakes + Covercatz

The kinda shiznit that happens when employees get pissed off at their job or employers.

Arden Auto Upholstery 2

F.A.B. Trim Shop - (814) 336-1070

F.A.B Trim Shop 9516 Liberty St, Meadville, PA, 16335 (814) 336-1070 //fabtrimshoppa.com/ //fwww.fabtrimshop.com Traditional skills combined with ...

2002 Corvette-How To Get PAID On A FREE Corvette Paint Job! THE END!!!

Pete wraps up the "CORVETTE" Story and hopes everyone learns a BIG LESSON IN LIFE! //www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293.

User Comments

Hey PETE! Don't you know all this is "normal" by now? Same thing happens to lots of other people,...like me,... Is there no room for straight deals? Do we have to cheat and be cheated every time? I don't know what makes me more nuts, with holding services or just getting screwed over all the time,....I want to work too,... Let me know what you think you can do about all these idiots. I have tried a few things with mixed results. Don't let them change who you are in the end. Contact me if you want a few ideas rb
Hey Pete, I AGREE 110% BROTHER!!! my wife and I own a custom paint and body shop in florida and my wife and I have the SAME EXACT ARGUMENTS in our shop over the SAME EXACT ISSUES!.HAHAHAHA!!! I have said the same exact thing about closing our shop cause as a shop owner you get tired of being nice and getting railed without lube, dinner, or even a beer and thank you.From one shop owner to another, you do great work..You got a big heart and you make me laugh with your videos...HEAD UP BROTHER,
Ok I just finished watching this whole Corvette saga from beginning to end. It just blows my mind how somebody like Jr and his family can't see the tremendous favor that you were doing for them. They should have been thanking you the whole time. And then after they screwed it up, they should have manned up and taken the blame and begged you to fix it and PAID for the cost of repainting it the 2nd time. I could never in good conscience treat a life long friend the way they treated you. Sad.
I've had a shop for 32 years. 30+ cousins on my moms side, 3 siblings & inlaws, 15 uncles & aunts....Over 100 people in & out of my shop one day.. I can't count the cars I painted all over & ate the $500 deductible.... I thought i was the only guy who was that way... I finally started drivin' a school bus for a steady check... your "friends" will kill you, Pete ! I quit doin' freebee's about 5 years ago & love the lack of stress . LOL... Life's too short ! work on your art... enjoy it !
Dang Pete, Minnie is a damn good gal! Wish I could get my wife to help me out like that! I know what you mean dealing with family and friends. Helped (built) my oldest nephew build his first ride 4 years ago, airbagged it, triangulated 4link ,custom paint ,and built him a wicked little 406 sbc. He complained everyday bout how long it was taken, lol. Good kid though, hes payin me back helpin me out when I need it. I think you love what you do too much to quit!! DON'T QUIT PETE!
The insurance company was involved. They take the total cost of repairs and subtract the deductible, and write a check for that amount. EXAMPLE- total damage 3800 bucks, if your deductible is 1000 they write the body shop a check for 2800 and you pay the other 1000 to the shop. Pete was doing these guys a favor by not chargeing them their deductible.
Pete that corvette looked awsome. Definately not deserving for the owners. I hope you give yourself a wide berth from that family. Sorry you had to learn this way but im glad things are going ok. I would say you werent serious about closeing your shop. But i know how hard this must of been on you. Hang in there man, things will get better.
Pete you did make the right choice in the end. You made the car pristine. Took pride in your work. And fixed Junior´s fuck ups. Atleast they can not say that the paint work looks like shit. I think that many people would be giving up by now. But you get it done. It´s sad that the world is full of shit talkers and scam artist.
Pete dont close up your shop you`re letting it get to your head I know you dont have the time but it would be best if you just took a little break to clear your head and look at all of the good things you have done second chance and halsifi will probably come back and apoligize to you he just letting it get to his head to
@CoolasIce2 Insurance companys cant regulate where you take your car. It's against the law. They do "TRY" to tell you where to go, but it's your option to go where you want.. I guess Junior picked the right place with me---FREE CUSTOM PAINT JOB.......
This body work/paint is hard. People try to screw me over all the time. I don't quit. I just find another customer and hopefully they're better person than previous one. Don't be a quitter Pete, you always said so! Things will turn up, bud.
there are no FRIENDS when they walk through the front door,buddy buddies are fine but a business is there to make money and your livelyhood.after doing the vette did this "good friend" offer to pay your rent or your shop hydro costs.
Ok thanks, DaveKustoms. That makes more sense. Is it the car owner who decides which shop to use? What if the insurance co. didn't want to use a particular shop. Anyways, I guess Junior's insurance rate will go up because of this.
Pete, I think you di the right thing by fixing the car, and I think it was fair they paid you the $1000 deduct. I'm sure your relieved it's over. Hate to see a long time friendship suffer, time will tell. Lesson learned (I hope)
BTW hang in there I know its hard to keep going but you're doing what you love I've debated the same thing with my shop a hundred times over, especially when I've got screwed but I keep going after I get over it, take it easy.
after all is said and done ..... someone should take note of the license plate # .... look them up.... and go scratch it ........ whoohahahahaha....... Nice work Pete glad you were able to get it up to your standards
Well Pete at least its done and out of your hair, sometimes you can't help people, even "friends". I hope you don't get any more jobs like that, I've been there myself on those jobs it sucks but its a lesson learned.
i know you pete the peacher of keep on keeping on aint talking about quiting i know it hurtz bud but they aint your friends man you just gotta say fuckem and move on real friends dont do each outher like that
I don't understand something. Can someone explain, Pete or someone? How did the insurance company get involved? I thought this was being done without the insurance company to avoid the deductible??? Thanks.
Pete, you said you had to match/blend the paint. So you had to match/blend the color coat, AND the pearl or prismatic paint? Isn't that next to impossible trying to match the color and pearl?
unbelievable....kinda like...family. you are a good person.people take advantage of good people everyday...if you go the extra mile, they will take 3 more miles from a good hearted person.
its too bad people like that dont understand what your going through everyday to try to make an honest living Pete and Minnie. friendship turns to henshit,..and its all their fault. sad.
Metal is good for the sole. Go Pete go. Do what make's you feel best. Pick your customers do your metal art, and see How it go'es. It sounds like to me you earned it. Take care.
Dont close ya shop pete! You need to be more selective on who you do your work for, If theres no shortage of work quote more! That soon weeds out the pain in the ass customers
good onya pete. you fixed the car and got paid. like you said "life and times of a hard friggin worker". good luck with your shop and i think the vette looked shit hot
you took the taillights out, man pete you just can't do nothing half @ss can you man, you do great work even when you are getting screwed, you're a good man Pete
Never work for friends!!! It always turns to shit!!!! I hope for your sake, Pete, I hope you cut these bums loose. You work too hard to get screwed all the time!

Hot Rods And Custom Cars-Interview with a Hard Workin Employee

Swampy Trevor tells it like it is.. //www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293.

User Comments

@messylaura You just made my day laughed untill I couldnt breathe gave me an idea for to do at work even though the painter has playboy posters on the paint cabinet doors i might do that or the next time the glove idea sounds smart to do ive got one for you to use geta soda bottle and a air fitting bolt the air fitting to the cap collapse the bottle a little bit hook the air line to it and put it under or next to somebody thats working its a prank to do in the early morning time
well pete i know your a nice guy but trevor should learn to show up on time if hes late again i would suspend him for 1 week w/no pay and everytime hes late add another week use the 3 strike rule if he gets 3 then hes out the door hard lesson for a kid to learn but if he dont learn the lesson then what good is it keeping him around?
@86camaromike cruel is tearing out hardcore porn pics and covertly taping them to the apprentices back and sending them to the shops for something i also put porno pics in the leaves of the wurth salesmans catalouges, the next customer was rather shocked when he turned to them
@messylaura I came in 15 mins late to work I had to sweep the parking lot on a windy below 20 winter day the duct tape story made me think about what they did to the last helper theyduct taped him to the garage door workplace humor funny but cruel at the same time
dear pete... i know how to wrench on a car... I currently work at walmart... and i would rather work for you.. pointing out my mistakes in a logical sence, rather than dealing with corporate zombies that are total dumb fux!!! keep it real man!
@86camaromike a regular mouse trap in the painters water bucket is a great one, you'll need to weight it down a bit so it dont float on top, unless theres a lot of soap bubbles in the bucket
apprentice not want to sweep up? we covered ours in duct tape skicky side out and rolled him around the workshop picking up the crap, did the trick
@messylaura taping a latex glove with oxy acetelyne in it to the back of a panel that the beater is due to weld is F'king hilarious
@messylaura Thats another good one man i think you could get away with putting it under a oil or cleaner rag lol
you will have him painting cars in a month , and you know it pete !!! lol
Whew Pete !! better look out when Trevor starts pumping I-Ron !!!!
@LYinKansas Good Point and response to this video... Thanks Pete
Pete it,s nice to see you taking the time with Trevor...
i think trevor needs fired from his first job ever
You'll get Trevor on the right path eventually.
Trevor has a attention span of a puppy!!
@86camaromike or post one to swrnc LOL
wow that boy needs a belt taken to him!
good boy.

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