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Four Day Work Week in TCI

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What would make more sense would be a 5 or 6 day work week with shorter work periods. And also a shift system or "flexi-time" system i.e. having some staff begin work at 7,8 or 9 am. In this sytem, each individual works a shorter period for the day, while the office can remain open for longer hours. Also for those working 6 days a week, every few weeks they should be entitled to a "longer" weekend - say 4 days.

MPTV Cable System History (Monterey Show)

This is a video about the history of the MPTV cable company. MPTV was the cable system in the Monterey/Salinas CA area. It was the first cable system in ...

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Thank you for posting this video...My father loved people and his greatest joy was sharing how special the peninsula was and how the "people" made it so interesting. He also loved a great joke and due to his last name, one i keep and use proudly, had a great sense of humor! I send all my love and heartfelt thanks to the wonderful MPTV family of freinds for bringing him such joy in his work. He loved and respected you all so much!!!!
wow... thats cool. youtube ftw! it was off an old vhs tape i had. back in the early 90s i was a nerdy young teenager in monterey, and after mptv dropped the SF stations i started installing antennas on my moms house to receive them again, so this episode was of interest to me. i may have recorded more episodes, i used to record tons of random shows, but i dont know where those tapes are (dads house maybe?)
Hey Art, not sure how I stumbled across this but I was the Chief Engineer for MPTV back in 83-84 working for Sal and w/Geri Duckworth when it was owned by Western Communications, I remember you dressing up in a chicken suit for some kind of event at the Monterey mall I think, hilarious....I never even knew the history of MPTV until just now watching this, pretty cool....
Good golly, what a joy to see Mike again...Both Mike and myself (Art Breyfogle) developed and produced "The Monterey Show" back in the mid 80's...We had a great time shooting video all over the peninsula...Mike was one stellar guy...Great company back then headed up locally by the amiable Sal Balesteri (another super guy)...
Melissa goodenough , where can I find old episodes of monterey show . I loved your dad, he even autographed my Montereys cookin book. So sad when he passed. I spoke to john pisto a while ago and he said he didn't think the old shows were available . I was bummed about that but maybe you could help? 
This is great retro stuff, I have some Monterey Show eps on VHS. Mike Goodenough passed away around 1995 I think.
WAIT! lemme get this straight... This guy's name is Mike GOODENOUGH?! What's his middle name?... "Just Barely"?
What a blast from the past. That was when going to work was fun.
Omigod! I produced this! Where did you find it? AWESOME!
I'm sorry, that last name is just unfortunate

Connect2Compete on WBRZ

Red Sox Owner Buys Boston Globe

The Deal's Chris Nolter breaks down Boston Red Sox owner John Henry's purchase of New England Media Group, featuring The Boston Globe. Subscribe to ...

Cox Communications - Johnson - 877-669-0694 - Johnson, Arkansas - AR - Authorized Retailer

Annual CXC Awards Ceremony

Annual CXC Awards Ceremony.

International Zouk Flash Mob Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

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Du Zouk ?
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