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Car battery isaac Videos

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Part 13 | Lilith's Car Battery | (SEED: Y8E8 Z11Q.)

The Binding of Isaac : AfterBirth / Mega Blast & BossRush (So EASY to clear :D.)

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How many charges it has got? 0.o
+Igor Szajer 11
+Igor Szajer 12 :O
what battery is that?
+엠제이알 thats all batteries to mega blast
+shopohume I got 'The Battery' item, in my memory. Maybe battery items are applied to MegaBlast differently. ex) Picking up a little battery (consumable battery) with this item will not fully charge it. Instead, it will add only 3 to its charge.

Best Lilith Combo - [Binding of Isaac]

Major Items: -Incubus -Box of Friends -Car Battery -8 Inch Nails -Polyphemus -9 Volt Thank you again for watching and leave a like if you enjoyed the video and ...

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I'm glad to see some others got their hilarious Lilith combos on video before she got nerfed. I actually got an even more batshit one than this. I had a cube of meat and daddy longlegs, so by the end of a stage I had 3 meat boys and 11 giant legs murdering the fuck out of everything in addition to the 11 incubi shooting for me. I got it on video as well, if you wanna see.


Items: Box of friends + sacrificial dagger + car battery.

The Binding of Isaac - Afterbirth Gameplay ITA #12 Azazel Infinite Revelation

Una run con Azazel per il nostro gameplay ita di The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth con un pizzico di Hard mode giusto per condimento. In questa run potremo ...

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non sei morto nella curse room perché pyromeniac...o come cavolo si scrive ti dovrebbe curare ogni volta che ti colpisce un'esplosione
+Manu7 ciotta Oh ecco, in effetti lo sapevo anche. Ma non c ho ripensato in quel frangente
in realtà se ti dava tecnologia 10 secondo me non saresti rimasto deluso xD
Spesso il dubbio fa titubare parecchio

Lilith Black Hole Build - [Binding of Isaac]

Major Items: -Incubus -Box of Friends -Car Battery -9 Volt -Lost Contact -Anti-Gravity -Strange Attractor Thank you again for watching and leave a like if you ...

Binding of isaac: Afterbirth - Lilith Brimstone Army :D

This is my familiar set after finishing the boss rush with Lilith. I had Brimstone + Car Battery. Something interesting is that i didn't had any familiar at all after ...

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And then lilith was nerfed, RIP
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