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Car battery emergency Videos

Simple Emergency Lighting - LED Ropelight

You need three things: 1. A Car Battery 2. ROPELIGHT LED 12V WHITE (search ebay) 3. An adapter - Cigarette Lighter -to- Clips.

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Okay just got your message. Thanks for the well wishes. When..a hurricane( I forgot the name of it) blew threw D.C....at my Mom,s house..We was the only ones with power...everybody and everything was pitch black. I tell it was a terrifying expercience. This is why your videos, along with others, are so important;.. cause good luck is never guranteed To your fans and suscribers..prepare..prepare. Feel free to post a portion of my words on your channel or whatever. Bye!!
thats awesome, i have the immediate urge to line every room with these, and put big red buttons on the wall, then when the power cuts out, bam, smack that button, insta party, awesome idea man, total inspiration credits for you, these would be great for lighting like a hallway or something, just stretch the line out and fix it in place, so many potential applications, again awesome video.
Alright! You've taught me something new! I'm going to get one of those on order right now. It will work great with my roll-around 12v emergency power supply. I can't really use a generator since I live in a condo, so that's the next best thing. This rope like idea is perfect. Thanks! You have a new subscriber!
Great Instruction!!...wil be purchasing the required materials. I know I can barley hear it but in the background , at the begining..was you playing the music song " Everybody Wants to Rule The World" by the group Tears For Fears?
lol yeah. German Techno anyone? It would last about 60 hours. However, combined with the solar panel, (which is the same wattage as the lights) for every hour of sunlight I will get about 45 mins of light. ;)
Interesting now your vid is ok. My be on my end, I'm left woundering how to get rid of it or will it go away after april1, kind of a joke youtub is pulling on me
Ah yes good vid. I was thinking of running some of my house lights off of led's. I have some from christmass in my kitchen and they shed alot of light at night.
why are your vids upside down and backwards. Hmmmmm youtub get hacked or is my computer have a virus. Anyone haveing the same thing happen today to them.
Perfect application, yes, the roll around 12V system will work well. Thanks for the sub - you make some good videos yourself! Best regards, Mike.
lol its a RAVE in you Bathroom ;) Thats a cool idea you know an ~ time that the battery would last with the light on? Thanks for sharing, Mike
Just make sure they are 12VDC before you hook them up to a battery. If they are 120V, they be really, really dim. And maybe burn up. lol
So what is the idea you can't take credit for? LEDs, or Light bulbs? Running them from 12 Volts perhaps? I don't get it.
What?! You must have a virus! I think it's an april fools joke from YouTube.

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Well... that was different LOL - I'll never look at tampons in the same way again! Probably won't try it though - scared stiff of electricity to be honest!
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