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Car battery erdington Videos

CCTV appeal to find a suspect after a bus was set on fire in Erdington.

Sergeant Gareth Snyman has today (19/03) released CCTV footage of the moment a young man set light to newspaper on a double decker bus on Erdington ...

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He was protesting littering on public transit. 

Getaway CCTV: Car thief escapes as owner clings to the bonnet

A man clung onto the bonnet of his car as a thief drove off at high speed in Farnworth. The victim was eventually flung into the road and was lucky to escape ...

Suspects in Abduction on Knight Street & Suspects Car Crime Stoppers REWARD! - 15-029028

Two male suspects are being sought in connection with an abduction in east Shreveport after evidence of the crime is captured on camera. Back on February 8, ...

CCTV footage car is Stolen in just 6 Minutes


South Carolina police dashboard cameras catch the incredible dramatic end to a high speed chase involving a teenager driving a stolen van. After the teen ...

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OK, the driver of the van is Jesse Clayton Baugh. He has been my best friend for 23 years. This happened in Hanahan SC. He did 4 and a half years in prison, not 18 months. He was charged with 3 counts of assault and battery with intent to kill a peace officer, I count of a stolen car, one count fleeing and elluding and one count possession of marijuana. The van was our friends mom who got tired of us taking it at night and reported it. Jesse was a 17 year old kid that panicked. The officer he ran over got a broken wrist and of 17 rounds fired they grazed his head once. So these are the FACTS. I know, I was his first call in the morning cause his mom had a jail block on her phone.
That teen was out of control, but maybe that officer could have gotten off with less injury if he'd focused on getting the hell out of the way instead of trying to shoot. The teen wasn't shot because the officer firing was, luckily, a dumb ass. "Oh, I've got a gun, maybe this will compensate for my lack of manliness!" Justice is found at the lock of a handcuff or the bumper of a cruiser, not the barrel of a gun. August 19, 2013 12:47 am
First of all, you DO NOT stand in front of a vehicle that is or can be moved forward. The correct way would have been to stand off to the left side of the road, away from the cruiser that was hit. That officer is very lucky to still be alive and lucky he wasn't pinned between vehicles and lucky that he didn't hit his head on the front bumper when he went down. 
Trying to ram your vehicle into officers is considered deadly force. Police respond to deadly force with deadly force. It was the officer pinned under the van that opened fire, the kid is lucky he is not dead.
@doodywoodpekker Are you kidding or serious? They have no other option when a van starts ramming their cars and running officers over. Once their lives are at stake all bets are off...
Wow, that officer was lucky he was knocked down by the car. If he had been caught on the hood, he would've gotten sandwiched between the two vehicles and most likely killed.
I don't like the police opening fire, they lower themselves to the teens level. Just arrest the teen and try not to hurt him. No, i'm not a hippy, etc etc.
18 months???? Holy fuck, this asshole kid should have been tried as an adult and gotten at least 15 yrs!!!
I have 1 simple rule for those "out of control" people, SHOOT FIRST / TALK LATER. 
They did not seem to be doing to much about the cop under under the van
@deepspace188 :O!!
Did he Did
0:20 !!!

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Setting fire to stuff

Bored so decided to burn stuff. Tin can filed with paper soaked in deoderant.

Stolen Audi (Spoof)

AmaanAB vs AzaanAB comedy spoof 4year old robbing Amaans Audi.

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Birmingham kappa paper factory on fire nechells

Birmingham kappa paper factory on fire nechells.
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