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HID warm up times JilLite EZNite 10W HID

Testing various HID warm up times. This is the JilLite EZNite 10W HID with Solarc ballast and WA bulb.

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@mvadinan540 You would need a very expensive piece of lab equipment called and integrating sphere. With a simple light meter and a diffusion "box" you can determine relative brightness or lux but you can't determine "lumens." If you developed a chart based off of actual known lumens of specific lights, you may be able to determine with fair accuracy the lumen of unknown lights by comparing them to known lights. For the most part though, that's a lot of work and lux numbers are usually fine
HI, cool vid, Maybe you can tell me... Is there such thing as a "lumen" meter? How do I measure Lumens is my question : ) Thanks Mike
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