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Wichita kansas mugshots Videos

Allen vs Wichita Highlights 02-09-2013

//www.wichitathunder.com/ Wichita, KS (February 9th) - Trailing 2-0 in the second period, Wichita exploded for four unanswered goals to claim a 5-3 victory ...

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1:37 Yeah Ian, hug the ref XD

George Tiller killed by a Christian Zealot.

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RevSpitz1. Being pro-life is about loving life, fighting for freedom, justice. Being pro-life is about fighting poverty, AIDS, injustices, genocides. Being pro-life is about giving people an opportunity to heal. Being glad that George Tiller is dead won't stop abortionists in United States and the world to do their work. Christians should respect other people's choice.
I'm glad the babykilling abortionist is dead. None too soon. It is a great day for the human race that Tiller is finally gone.
What about people making their own choices in life?
i'm glad you're an idiot. 5 stars bnb
Thanks, Adam

Troy Newman, head of Operation Rescue gets violent

Troy Newman and Keith Mason go on a rampage attacking bystanders at the 2006 Kline/Morrison debate in Wichita Kansas.

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Do they think we are deaf and blind? I saw the old guy say "F you" and jump on the ground yelling that he was hit when he clearly was not. We are not that stupid. The old guy should go for mental health treatment.
@solly7 The "shill" is an employee of Operation Rescue by the name of Keith Mason who does indeed hang out with neo-Nazis. But you know what Sinclair Lewis said about how fascists would appear in America.
IF that last part was being filmed in a publc place, then Troy blew it. But, I am sure that someone in that position has a million opportunities to blow it all the time.
It reminds me of the accounts of Hitler's brown shirts. They woudl assault Jews and the cry out loud, "Stop hitting me!" Your shill just has the wrong color shirt on.
you got that the wrong way round lawrence ... the jew will cry in pain when he slaps your face hey ... feel sorry for me .. I vas gassed 2 ...no 3 times oi vey
@Spillers72 Guess you didn't hear what Mason said to him earlier.
A picture is worth... The TRUTH!

JAM NIGHT! - "Bad Angel" - Dierks & Miranda Cover!

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This is cool, the tambourine was a little off but it was still cool haha

Kansas Horror Story - The Clutter Murder (AP English Project.)

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Somebody has WAY too much time on their hands!!!

The Railers in Kansas City "Kinda Dig The Feeling" 7/29/15

The Railers in Kansas City "Goodbye, Goodbye" 7/29/15

Andrew Longhofer (MCLL French at Wichita State University)

Andrew Longhofer, a Wichita State University graduate, talks about his experiences as a MCLL major specializing in French.

Wichita Awakening Sunday At Tiller's Abortion Mill

The Wichita Awakening - about 135 people prayed outside George Tiller's late-term abortion mill on Sunday afternoon. Bus issues prevented 300 kids from The ...
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