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Wichita falls indian restaurant Videos

Rehabbed and Released! Two Aquatic Turtles - Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue

//facebook.com/reptilerescue //wichitafallsreptilerescue.webs.com.

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That's great work there. I have a question for you. Last Fall I found a nearly dead snapping turtle hatchling. It appeared to have chosen a puddle on a dirt road as it's first stop but unfortunately when I found it was hot and sunny and the puddle was dry and he was near dead. Now he's about 5 inches carapace length! I'm going to release him into a nearby wildlife sanctuary as soon as the weeds grow in, probably mid May (Massachusetts). What time of day would be best? Near sundown I think?
I guess you are the one that posted photos to my wall without explaining why you were doing it? I deleted them from the wall when I got no answer because it looked spammy and you gave no context of who you were and why the photos were posted. You'll have to post them again and give the context.
My ex and I rescued, rehabbed and released a male red eared slider. He had a chunk missing from his shell and missing part of a leg, looked like a snapping turtle had gotten him. We waited until he was big enough to take care of himself then released him into a protected pond. :)
Well, before I can answer that, you need to post pictures of them on my wall at facebook(.)com/reptilerescue so I can assess them. I also need to know where you are so I can determine if they really are native.
Yes it was just the shell fortunately. He looked great by the time we released him. :) He was a lucky fella.
I hope it was just marginal to the shell and not a breach of the integrity of the body cavity.
Wow wow wow!!!! What you do is just amazing keep it up!!! ;)
very nice of you

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so cute
+whatsup jake They were so tiny!!! We'll be going back to the rescue soon to see how much they've grown. Cool name btw... is it an Adventure Time reference?!!!
They are so cute! I'm so glad they got a chance at life. That food looks delicious, I want it!
+The Dancing Snail Yes, they are so adorable. I'm sure they will find home, they are so sweet :)
OHMYGOSH THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So tiny and cute >.< but Aurora is MASSIVE!!! I never knew rabbits could be that big! I can't believe they were going to be put down :( I've been frequenting Vietnamese restaurants a lot since going vegan! So good!
+Carbs Are Happiness Aurora was about the size of our pug, she's huge!

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