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Genoa italy concerts Videos

Sameer Bhatt T R Drummers at concert of Beppe Grillo !!! ( Genova Italy )

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Sameer Live Dhol Fusion with Bollywood songs in Genova Italy

Free Shots in Concert

Pre-production and filmmaking, Production design, Photography, Post-production by GIOVANNI GARDIN Concerto dei Free Shots in Genova, 21 Giugno 2014 ...

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Ahahaha grande prof. 

The weirderst Elway concert. Ariel, in Genova - Italy

The Rocking drummers Sameer Bhatt, Practise for concert In Teatro Modena Genova Italy !!!!!

Esbjorn Svensson Trio - E.S.T. Live in Genoa, Italy 31-7-07

The last 5 minutes of an AMAZING concert! Thank You E.S.T.!! (Recorded with Nokia E61i)

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Bel video, vedo che anche il tuo nokia registra MOLTO bene :) Hai anche un bel posto privilegiato :) Peccato solo non potremo più assistere a show come questi...
la musica no muere solo el cuerpo encuentra descanso pero el espiritu sigue vivo asi que a escuchar y propagar la musica
@oathofall Yup. he had a drowning accident. Leaving family with wife and kids behind. :´(
my favorite group. Fantastic!!!! Thanks for this video. I waqs there too. Giancu

Johannes Faber in concert, Beautiful trumpet solo, Assolo di tromba jazz

//gabrielemartufi.altervista.org Keys: Johannes Faber, trumpet player, trumpeter, jazz trumpet player, trombettista jazz, smooth jazz, trumpet solo, solo ...

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I aspire to be as good as him on the trumpet

Jethro Tull 2 LIVE @ Palavailant Genova

Concert in Genoa - Italy - 14 May 2010. Concerto del 14/5/2010 a Genova ------------ **Copyright Statement** This video is by me, taken during a public concert, ...
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