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Mazda rx 8 add ons Videos

Mazda Rx8 TurboXS exhaust

Hauled my car out of storage to give it some air, filmed a few shots to give details of the beautiful sound it produces, As well I have the Garageline spacers ...

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How did you tint your tail lights?
+Julian Rivera its very simple, 1st you have to sand down the tail light until it was like cloudy looking (dont worry it wont damage the light if done right).2nd lightly spray tail light with black spray paint, get it to where you want it.3rd spray over the tail light with clear coat,4th wait for it to dry and go put it back on your car

Adaptronic Select Mazda RX8 Plugin ECU from Adaptronic Engine Management ID8980

Plug-in piggyback ECU for Mazda RX8 Series 1. Full control over ignition, fuel, and intake. Works on MAP sensor or standard airflow sensor.

Rx8 customized

04 rx8, veil side skirts, rear add ons, carbon decal rap. Winning blue 6speed, I love Thai ride so much fun especially since I have a new motor even better ...

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yo good vid

rx8 vs gsr integra

rx8 has issues. integra has tune a few add ons. hieu vs ben.

Mazda RX-8 (Juiced 2 : HIN) NFS Most Wanted 2005 Mod test race

RASTAKITTEN's Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/rastaki...

[WR2|REL] Mazda RX8 - World Racing 2

Mazda RX8 by volvo480 Download : www.volvo480-addons.de.tl.

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@MrSpeedking13 even though i own a 1981 mazda rx7 and its sexy as hell i still love the power of the rotary engine (even though my car has a RB26DETT motor in it)
@srgtrane Ok i don't understand what you mean with RB26DETT but ok
@MrSpeedking13 its the motor out of a nissan skyline r34
@srgtrane haha ok Now I Know what the special'e is!!
thumbs up if you hate this car

Mazda RX-8 (Juiced 2 : HIN) NFS Most Wanted 2005 Mod

RASTAKITTEN's Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/rastaki...

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PARTS CAN BE CUSTOMIZE : - Widebody kits (with custom spoilers) - Rims - Roof scoops - All Performance - Paint - Vinyls - Rim Paint - Window tint - Custom Gauges No vinyls option though?

mazda rx8 drift

shot with sony cx550 post by adobe premiere cs4 plugin used magicbullet and mojo.
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