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Mazda rx8 lights dash Videos

Reckless driving Illegal turn stop running no lights close call Dash cam Edmonton 124

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Man, I see people with no lights Avery day. The problem with some cars is that the dash is always on even with the lights turned off. Then you add the fact that the daytime running lights are on and they think their lights are on. Face it, life would be boring without morons. Lol
+BadDriversOfKY Yup, happens all the time now, because the dash is on, people think the lights are on. LOL  Drive safe bro!
Yeah, I had that issue when I was driving a rental, dash lights were always on and I drove for about 2 minutes before I realized my lights weren't on.
Those lovers of the dark.. You need to give them a flash with the high beams before signaling on and off with your low beams! To get their attention... The same kund of drivers that drives with no lights are otherwise drivers that doesn't use their rear view mirrors! Only a good bright flash will get them to look back! ;)
Screw people who don't turn their lights on. I've given up on helping them. These people clearly failed to read all of the driver's handbook.
Half the time people get pissed off because they think you are telling them to speed up...
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