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Mazda rx 8 push to start Videos

Cold start RX-8, new mid pipe Flowmaster muffler.

First time starting my Mazda after installing a new cat delete mid pipe. It has a small 6" resonator. Car was idling high around 2k at start, and still idling around ...


I pressed the horn after i forgot to pushing full throttle because of that i start to race a little bit later on this rolling Rolling start at 2nd gear 75 km/h GUN 350Z ...

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2 kişi olduğumuzuda yazaydın be :) Ayrıca specleri düzelteyim ;) First i need to tell, RX-8 is the fastest in Turkey for now. Awesome Car ! Great friend, good driver ThunderBrk ;)but we will try 1 on 1 with same specs:) - Stock Intake - GRS Intercooler - No Pulley(it's important because you can only increase pressure with it-0.85 bar. - RMW Headers - Oneball exhaust Ecu is only for decrease fuel consumption, but doesnt Work :) we just set the AFR. it's nearly stock. on D.Dynamics 207.2 hp
Mini Cooper S GP and some of mods on it as i wrote on description and i passing him, 350z is 2005 280 hp version but it has intake, cat back on it. It is really fast he is my friend and he is racing with fully tuned s2k's and totally 100-200 is nearly 12-13 seconds. As you know my focus st race same like that because focus st & 350z both cars nearly same stages. I need to tune my car a little bit more and also need weight reduction.
What car is the MCS Berk ? What year is the 350Z ??? Because 350Z from 2006 onwards have a more powerful engine with 303 BHP instead of 286 ..How much did you lose to the 350Z ??
Yes both cars are 2 people but weight effects N/A cars more than FI cars so disadvantages for me.
1 second faster than RX-8 totally 350z 100-200 13 seconds
the blue 350z was even faster?

RX8 acceleration issues

Manual Transmission. Start at a constant speed, push gas pedal down, as the RPMs and MPH increase you will see a slight drop in RPMs and then it bounces ...

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I am having the same issue. Did you ever figure out the cause?
I stopped driving it after the compression test, so I'm not sure how long it would last
Any idea how long the engine might last?  I had my check engine light diagnosed and it turned out to be the second O2 sensor.  Same exact symptoms that your rx8 was showing. I have not had a compression test done yet.  Hopefully it is just a bad O2
Yes, The engine lost compression below the means, which is 7.0, anything below that means the engine is failing and will die soon. Mazda dealerships are the only ones that can do a Rotary compression test. My car is actually at Mazda now getting the engine replaced. 8 yr / 100,000 mile warranty on the engine

Norcal UFO Marina auto-x 9-8-2013 - '85 Mazda RX-7

My best run of the day at the NorcalUFO Marina autocross event on 9-8-2013 was a 54.678. I was by no means pushing the car to its limits as I'm still getting ...

Hot Lap in Mazda RX-8 at Autodrom Most, 23.3.2013

Hot lap in my Mazda RX-8 during a public track day. My fastest lap (2:07.76) as of March 23, 2013. This is a significant improvement over 2:11.81 from June 6, ...

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Vesmes serie -- az na vyfuk (Pettit Racing + HJS hi-flow cat), zapalovani (BHR Ignition) a brzdy (disky DBA 4000, desky Hawk HP+, zmrazene v CryoCentru). Gumy Federal 595 RS-R 235/40 R18. Normalne mam jeste mirne upravenou ECU pomoci COBB AccessPort, ale ten byl zrovna na ceste z USA, takze jsem jel na stock ECU.
Je to v serii,nebo tam je neco navic na vykonu.A jeste otazka na gumy,typ a rozmer.Dik za odpoved.
and this kids is how you make a rotary last a long time, drive it like this everyday :D
So far, I can only agree :-)
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