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'Americans losing faith in Obama'

A political commentator says Americans are tired of the 'hope and change' rhetoric of US President Barack Obama and are losing more faith in the ...

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Obama was elected by men that have real power they control millions of people they start wars and privately trade on the stock exchange for billions of dollars they privately own banks they choose who the president is not the people the people have no say so so in affect his approval rating don't mean shit since he was elected and highered and works for a PRIVATELY owned corporation called AMERICA and he will not leave office until those that elected him says his job is done.
Obama is a fucking devil working for the establishment, this country is beyond BROKE & BROKEN, there is no return in America coming back. I never had faith in him because I know presidents have NO POWER, they are controlled. The last president that tried to run his own agenda ( end Federal Reserve, CIA etc) got his brains blown out, J.F.K
I believe most americans are good people little bit too much love themselves but overall They dont want any wars.They choose fucked up gov but there is not much choice cos everyone know each other and matter who they choose president still be puppet to the Ones who really got power.all its happening cos of dept their gov went into
I have not lost faith in Obama. I never had any faith in him in the first place, never voted for him, and was not impressed by him when he first started running for office. What he had done over the past four years and what he is doing now does not surprise me at all. To me, he is just living up to my expectations.
I was just about to say I never had any. But at least where I live, most people are still duped for him no matter what he does, they are either incapable of understanding or don't pay attention to what he does. The only thing they pay attention to his how he looks and his mannerisms.
More like citizens do your job. But everyone is too busy snooping on eachother for the government and using drugs and watching television and working to even pay attention, let alone do anything to fix the corruption. The US is a degenerate nation and is headed straight to hell.
I knew what a contemptible little empty suit of a man Obama was by the way he turned on a friend before his first election, i mean Rev Jeremiah Wright Another thing about this is that as he loses popularity this puts the lie to the absurdity that Obama is the antichrist
the devil leader will be well known and second devil leader may rise up from isreali nation.Everyone will thinks he is good but soon find out everything.We all will be judge.Stop supporting any wars.we had enough of them in the past.We should learn from it.but we never
We the people must put a stop to this madness before they lead us to our deaths,we need to overthrow this government,think about our children,we need to make this place better if we not goin stand up for ourselfs than lets do it for children what about them.
You should choose Ron Paul he would take care of your own health and buissnes.You american would have much better life with less problems.What reason was you choose blacky again on head of your country.All he does is reading scripts over 4 years.
uummm in my mind the idea of losing faith is a past tense thought in my mind. Since I had the loss if faith in Obama, government long before he came into office.
God bless Obama. I regained my house and jobs after Obama won. I lost everything during Bush.

Texas abortion law draws hearing from Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court is giving an election-year hearing to a dispute over state regulation of abortion clinics in the court's first abortion case ...

Play Doh Fun Factory Play Doh Mega Fun Factory Hasbro Toys Review

Another recommended video: Play-Doh Ultimate Rainbow Pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tfFxZr1E5s Learn Numbers Play Doh Mountain of Colours ...

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Howard 'Ironed' Out of Sequel

Oscar nominated actor Terrence Howard gets "the surprise of a lifetime" as he's replaced in 'Iron Man 2' by Don Cheadle. (Oct. 22)

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Oooh, bad move Marvel. I also heard Marvel initialy didn't want to pay Favreau his Fee for Iron Man 2, FAVREAU!!! the guy who made them 600 million dollars world wide! I like Don Cheadle but you don't recast a major roll in your multi-million dollar, "license to print money," franchise to save a few bucks. Over the years artists and writers have been angry with Marvel about not being payed what their worth and I think Marvel is taking this same stingy attitude to their movie studio.
Not a big fan of Howard. He often seems like a wimp who's about to cry in his roles. Like in Crash for instance.
you obliviously haven't seen enough of his movies...dumbass
I've seen more than enough of his movies...dumbass
thats some bull
Total BS.

Made in Germany | Europas größte Einkaufsmeile -- die Schildergasse in Köln

Erst jüngst befragte das Marktforschungsinstitut GfK die deutschen Verbraucher und berichtet von verhaltener Kauflaune. Größere Anschaffungen werden ...

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Einzig Peek & Cloppenburg und DESIGUAL gefallen mir. Ich ziehe die Breitestraße vor :-)
yeah cool biste stolz (=

McDonald's Green Giants | Sustainability | McDonald's

SUBSCRIBE: //bit.ly/XSyXBU Interviews with Bob Langert, Brian Kramer and Ele Krueck about McDonalds green efforts About McDonald's Back in 1954 a ...

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perfect! I'll ask my editor to publish this on StationM


VIENICI A TROVARE: stores.ebay.it/gilgioielliinargento.

TYT Campaign To Get Cenk To Host "This Week" On ABC

Follow TYT on Google Buzz: //www.google.com/profiles/tytnationhq Follow TYT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theyoungturks TYT Network (new WTF?!

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it's nothing big, just the way he gets excited and YELLS, he YELLS in such a way that it's made it difficult for me to watch TYT at night without waking someone up, i tune the volume to anna's voice so i can hear her perfectly, then cenk starts speaking softly and BAM! starts SCREAMING. he gets more excited than a little kid with a bar of chocolate laced with ecstasy. also the people he chose as cohost i really don't have any respect for. anna is barely ok for a show of this type, the rest fail
If all republicans don't support war why do you support and vote for people who do support it? If all republicans are not racist why do they support and vote for people who are? If all republicans are not for the rich,big insurance and wallstreet why do they support and vote for people who are for them? It doesn't make any sense to me. only thing I can think is your too dumb and uneducated to see you are being played like a fool by the republican party..
I dunno if I'm that into Cenk selling out to ABC. The best thing about TYT is it's not the MSM. As soon as these guys go mainstream, they'll put on the blinders and become corporate mouthpieces like the ones already there. Save yourself before it's too late, Cenk! Grow TYT on the Internet as big as the MSM, then you won't have to step and fetch for the bosses.
he's got a very high opinion of himself too, you can tell he thinks he's sexy, which isn't justified with his face and his nasty gelled up hair. i say this because he mentions how ugly people look sometimes, there was a cop with big ears on one of his segments and he said he needed surgery badly, wtf? i didn't know brad pitt was hosting this show
AHAHAHHAH!!! You're clearly a pawn in the hands of fox news. Do your own research buddy, you're way better off than to listen to Hannity's perpetual one sided propaganda. People like you are the people we need to educate so you can stop being fed constant lies through the most "fair and balanced" network on tv.
also there are some catchphrases that he often repeats like: "OF COURSEEEEE" which were amusing the first 30 times, but make him sound like a broken record now. and sometimes he acts weird and anna feels somewhat uncomfortable, is it just me or do you notice that too?
thats easy man. You prolly had the evidence right front in front of your face the whole time. Just turn on your beloved Fox News!! There you will see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of morons and dimwits on there spewing nothing but lies and hate that prove my point..
Why does Cenk want to host a network show, we all know he will be muzzled. Even when he is guesting on MSNBC he is held back. Want a noational stage? Youtube/the internet is an international stage. BTW, anyone know when and what channel on XM i can catch TYT?
@MClown69 first off idiot ,IS Ron Paul A republican? and who is racist?with what proof? and go look at how much your commie friends got from hmo! and both parties including yourself are being played! both are bought and payed for idiot!
hmmm lets see, he is jealous that somebody that happens to be a conservative got a good job and now he is jealous. Oh yeah, that would be fair put a person that is completely against republicans on there. dumbass
could you guys quit with the commie shit? It's like we traveled back to McCarthy times. When all democrats grow mustaches and talk about nationalizing things, and all government run businesses then go ahead.
I'd rather see Cenk-Lite exposed to the masses than Hardcore Cenk with 20 000 subscribers who are mostly nerdy progressives that agree with him anyways. He can do more good in the mainstream. MOVE FORWARD.
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