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I started my first period a few weeks ago and I was to scared to take a bath
+Nancy Foster It is absolutely possible to bleed in water. However, you won't bleed enough in the time you're in the bath to really notice (unless you have a very heavy flow).
+Nancy Foster thank you :)
^^^ That's false, it's 100% safe to bathe on your period. In fact, bathing on your period can actually help relieve any pain you may have. You will not bleed in water as it is not possible. Just make sure that as soon as you get out the bath, you dry off properly and, of course, wear a fresh tampon/pad :)
I dont recommend it if you dont want to bath in your blood
I don't really like people who are, well, super girly... I'm the type of girl who is into video games, anime, etc. but your channel was suggested to me AND I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I mean... you give great tips, you're really funny, really pretty. and just awesome in general! You've got yourself another subscriber... But I've got a question, for the period kit thing, what if you start your period at school and you aren't allowed to carry any bags with you?
Put pads/tampons in your bra!
Take the pad or tampon or painkillers out of the bag and stick it in your pocket or sock and then ask teacher to go to the bathroom though I wouldn't take painkillers in school so I just suggest to bring a pad or tampon and take the painkillers when you get home unless you ask teacher to take them
+Gumi and Len :3 Thank you so much!! And I would just ask your teacher to carry a bag for your feminine issues. I'm sure they would let you.
What if you don't like dark chocolate could you eat regular chocolate? ?
It isn't the same as not as much magnesium
Your face reminds me of Meghan trainor for some weird ass reason lmaoo
^ fuck u
But skinny version
People say that and I don't see it! Hahahha
What if you bleed in the bath
usually most people take showers and the water usually blocks the blood from coming out I guess if you don't stay for that long in the bath

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cannot download this just because im not an australian :(

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