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Jewish life university of alabama Videos

University of Alabama Jewish Organization: Hillel

The CW talked with Jewish UA junior about some details of his religion and about what it is like to be Jewish at The University. Video by Ron Day.

Alabama Southern Baptists and Jews

The Alabama Baptist weekly, disappointment in their publication, some differences between Christians and Jews - more on so-called Messianic Jews Original ...

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often times messianics take on fake Hebrew names and it is clear. a former mentor of mine calls himself "Rav Yoshiyahu ben Shofar" it is clear he is making his ordenation up.
Son of a horn, eh? Is that anything like a son of a gun?
hey I guess so. The name sounds made up too!
Ralph Messer is a delusional moron.
Great video!

A temple in Dothan, Alabama is offering $50,000 to Jewish families who agree to relocate to the smal

HEADLINE: Temple offers $50k payments to lure Jewish families CAPTION: A temple in Dothan, Alabama is offering $50000 to Jewish families who agree to ...

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I wish that churches in Alabama would pay 50 grand just for members. The churches that I'm aware of don't usually have membership problems though, so they don't have the same needs. Still, it would be great if churches would start providing benefits to their members to ease financial burdens and provide for education.

Tito Perdue - The Ills of Equality & Extreme Democracy - Hour 1

Tito Perdue was born in 1938 in Chile and he returned to Alabama in 1941 with his family. Tito graduated from the University of Texas in 1961 and spent some ...

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Justin Trudeau a 12 year old girl? Isn't that a compliment? Genius sir, crazy, but genius still.
Maybe the conflict is even simpler. What does a man deserve? What he struggles for, or what he settles for. Europeans came out of the dark ages after the plague with a renaissance. The individual grew to challenge God and the state to create science. Is this the end of that 500 year period of greatness? Are we about to descend again into a land of superstition, of a new dark age. The left may be happier as the dark ages are more democratic, misery and mediocrity is so well distributed to everyone. An equality of outcome.Like the tree, there are rings of spring and winter.
well I don't agree with everything here but found it interesting nonetheless
+Dante Cammz Either remove the Muslims or kill the Muslims we have no other options.
+Gary Winters You say that because you do not know what he knows. I have studied everyday for 12 years on this and he is correct on all levels. You are like a preschooler telling a doctorates degree he is wrong. Really you have no idea.
so whats the solution
People can see weakness and will exploit it. I'm a 6 foot 2 190lbs black guy. Until my early 40s, I could not understand why people always pushed me around in crowded subways, Even people significantly weaker than me were not afraid to push me out the the way. This was so counter intuitive to me because as a rule, big black guys are supposed to be intimidating... One day, kind of by accident, I realized why people were not afraid to push me around to get more space for themselves in the subway and it was all my fault. When the subways got crowded, I would move voluntarily in order to share my space with other. This seemed like the polite and rational thing to do. In other words, I was willing to sacrifice some of my comfort in order for others to have a little more comfort. Turns out, this was the mistake, it appears that once a person sees that they can make you move (in this case without asking) then they will have no problem pushing you and making you move, even if you are by far the stronger of the two! It turns out people recognize weak behavior and will try to exploit it, even if they are weaker than you. All I had to do in order not to be pushed around anymore was to not move for other people (i.e. be less polite). Ironically, when I stopped moving for others, I realized that most people in fact did not move for others! Seems a lot of people already know what took me about 20yrs of subway riding to learn!
+jean dumas Well, it's ok to be nice, but having your niceness taken advantage of is a problem. But you're right, if people are hostile giving an inch will have them demanding a mile.
From only an intellectial point of view i can follow this, but this guy has no heart and can not feel the deeper layer of things.... fighting each other brings excellence? it brings also trauma and pain. Europeans are the best? Than you don't get the wisdom and soul of other cultures. this guy is so superficial.
+Maydee Magin Hes delusional bookworm. It would be funny to see how he would like conflict in his town and his home. His loved ones killed and everything destroyed. "In the name of the progress" lol.Henrik is delusional too and completely detached from reality.
So the white liberals are weak, and we should whine and lament about it? And then dream about "if I was a dictator I would etc." I'm sorry but that is not a manly combative way to get strong. So I'll give you the main narrative that should be enforced in white brains: the whites are being duped and lied to by the jews; cultural marxism is jewish. That may be a simplification, but you won't awaken the masses with fancy shmancy philosophy. It takes a trauma for people to reject the marxist matrix. So either you wait like a girl for this trauma to happen, OR you create it with an anti propaganda propaganda that will impact the minds of all white liberals. You sir, are not impacting them, you are lamenting, and making yourself feel good.
+takethepowerback83 it does not excuse the omission of the jewish factor; not even mentioned once.
+bernamej It's a talk radio, they speak and share ideas. I wouldn't call this 'lamenting', but you're entitled to your opinion. The change is already happening, you're just not looking in the right direction.
+Bernamej ·················Zionists/Talmudists own our politicians, courts, police, military, schools, currency, mainstream media, and most of Truther Movement. ···· I believe that decent people must continue to speak the truth no matter what the cost economically or socially, but more than that is difficult recommend.
This guy is a nut and liar.
+Just me ················Please say why. I'm interested in reasons.
Is this dude for Real, or what?? The "Mis- Information" he spouts should be Kept for His Fictional Novels Very POOR Interview from Red Ice The least YOU could of done IS Question and Debate some Off-The-Wall Remarks about His Theories on "Why we're IN the sh1t We're In"
+Donben91 ···············The masses have been deliberately kept ignorant (state controlled schools and media) of ancient and effective methods of evaluating arguments to ensure that they are correctly reasoned and free of psychological manipulation (I.e. classical/formal logic and Rhetoric). We will never be free until we teach ourselves and our children to reason properly.
+donben91 it was a bit of a shit one

Arab - Jewish Relations Prior to the State of Israe

A intellectual insight into Arab-Jewish history, coexistence and relationship prior to the occupation of Palestine and creation of the State of Israel. Featured by Dr.

Bloch: Prayer from 'Jewish Life,' No. 1

Rachael Lemna, cello Elizabeth DeMio, piano Mixon Hall, Cleveland Institute of Music September, 2014.
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