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Northumbria University Sport Central - £30m teaching, research and fitness facility

Opened September 2010. Sport Central features an impressive array of state-of-the-art facilities including: - 3000 seat arena - Sports hall - Climbing wall - 25m ...

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love the Sports Central!

School of Arts and Social Sciences Northumbria University

The School of Arts and Social Sciences, the second largest School in the university, offers students a creative and enterprising learning community for studying ...

Northumbria University Study "Good Dancer" - Pokerface

So, Northumbria University did a study about dancing, and what moves were 'good' and what were bad. The article is here: ...

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What a faggot dance. The study obviously took place in a gaylord etabilssement
@girlmeetsbike Definitely can't read HIS p-p-p-p-p-poker face. :D
AWESOME! I LOLed everytime she said "mmy pokerface"!
haha gotta try this :D sev0
pietsmiet hardie style

Northumbria University - School of Art & Social Sciences

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On Language and Perception

Cognition and Communication Research Centre film describing recent research on the mapping between language and perception, and whether the language ...

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bonjourno? What is that language? 

Northumbria Uni - BY students, FOR students

Northumbria University students took it upon themselves to create a short film to help answer any questions you might have and give you an insight into what life ...

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WARNING TO ALL STUDENTS IN THE UK/IRELAND: Many students have been defrauded by a company called University and Academy Tutors (UK),and as a result of a court case, the owner of this company, Dr. Vincent McKee, has been jailed for 30 months. McKee would take debit/credit card details from students and then proceed to take large UNAUTHORISED amounts from their accounts.However,before being jailed,he set up a new company,GODIVA CORPORATE TRAINING (UK/IRELAND) LIMITED. DO NOT approach this company.
I just feel a bit let down by the system, like government does not take care of it's own first. Sorry if you interpret this as racist. I do not want privilage but at the same time I feel dismayed at how African & Chinese students get priority (nationality, not race!). There seems a priority in business over quality. I'd advise everyone to research thoroughly, class timetables (our's were 9 to 9 two days in a row), expenses, travel, accommodation/living arrangements etc and avoid my mistakes.
Hi HerrEngelman, we're sorry you weren't happy with the accommodation options available to you. You don't say when you were a student here but in the last few years we've invested heavily in providing more student accommodation and we now offer University accommodation to local students as well as those from outside the region. Hopefully this will mean nobody else experiences the same frustrations you did.
This is my first choice because of IT service guy 4:30, if he doesnt work there anymore then I will IT service cry
this actually motivates interested will-be students. Great initiation!
hope i can continue my master degree here, this is my big dream :* 
1 of my 5 options :) hopefully i will get an offer
please someone get this camera operator a tripod
Hoping to go there in a couple of months!
@crazzyruch Yes, this is the City Campus.
Me too! conditional offer! >:D
Is this is campus Uni??

Dance to Win Women

A year after publishing a study of men's moves on the dance floor Northumbria University has assessed it earned £1m worth of free publicity in the UK. A video of ...

Northumbria University Accommodation

At Northumbria University, we make things easier by offering a variety of University accommodation that suits all tastes and budgets. #IWANTNU.
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