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Juvenile Arthritis: Deborah's Story

Fifteen-year-old Deborah has had arthritis since she was 8. She shares her story.

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and it will only get worse. thats all i can say. im 24, and iv had arthritis for 22 years now. im on ridiculously strong meds that can increase the risk of cancer. i already hard to get pre-cancer cells removed from my cervix, which they believed was caused by my meds and iv had two total knee replacements before i turned 23. iv already been told that i will need to have joints replaced in my hands and fingers, and my ankle. i wish people were more aware of the fact that young people have RA too
I had JRA at 15, still do actually. I used to think I had it bad, but listening to your story made me realized I don't. I should enjoy things while I can before I can't.. Your super inspiring. I'm still getting diagnosed for multiple problems relating to it. Just thought I'd share. Oh and I noticed I'm the only one with the super wide feet and fat hands. :/
I have Juvenile PolyArthritis, i got it when i was 4 now im 18 and all my joints are pretty damged as well as limited.. Don't give up u ppl, keep fighting!!
I had JRA mild case, and 4 surgerys on my feet, I had it when I was 4 until 11.
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