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Arthritis foundation central florida Videos

Fruitcakes in the Alley - January 2011

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Lisa... LOVE the shirt you're wearing in the thumbnail for this video! ;-) We're sharing info about this year's event with our membership here at Beaches A1A.
Thanks, but that's not me! It's my friend, Murrie. Thanks for publicizing our event. We sincerely appreciate and so do the kids who benefit! Lisa

Simulcast (Orlando, FL) - "Let You Go"

Simulcast recording "Let You Go" in the studio - 3/31/09 for the Children's Arthritis Foundation CD.

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Heard about the band for a while now so decided to listen. I am pleasantly surprised..... you are really good!!!!
Awesome Vocals

Fruitcakes in the Alley 2014 - Official Video

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Great video George... looking forward to the 2015 event.
Thanks Gregg!

Fruitcakes in the Alley 2015 - Opening Ceremony

Massage Envy Visits The Daily Buzz 10.5.2011

Chris Andersen About Juvenile Arthritis

Attending the Arthritis Foundation's 30th anniversary Juvenile Arthritis Conference in 2014, Chris Andersen talked about the challenges of living with his ...
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