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Arthritis foundation neck exercises Videos

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Part 20 - Arthritis

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I can't beleave you are still waffleing on about this. There are over 200 forms of Arthritis which is a complex autoimmune disease, if it was just a matter of changing diet don't you think we would all have done that by now. False hope is no hope. I eat an organic well balanced diet I am not a dumpster!!
"I have never heard such rubbish" Well, you are what you eat, so it's up to you to be a chemical dumpster, or healthy by eating what is healthy.
Dear Saints: I have Arthritis and Asthma. Would you tell me the procedure and recipe so I can cure myself. Thanks
What exactly is IN Africa's Solution?
Why don't you try it. It will work!
I have never heard such rubbish

Tai chi for arthritis

Suzanne Bliss on dealing with Arthritis in your life

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