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Uw seattle ima Videos

pickup at uw ima october 2014

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Yo Trav, why don't you shoot the ball more in game. It seems like you're too used to beating people off the dribble and with your footwork/ speed. And these guys are anticipating it too but you're just too good lol. They always try to play under but you find the open pass too easy so it kinda force them to play up, but I wanna see you shoot it out sometime. Maybe you edit it like that on purpose but its always other guys shooting while you do the other "point guard stuff". If you have a killer 3 ball I could actually see you going pro. Might need a tighter handle for the higher levels but it seems to be working perfectly fine to me. I think you and Chandler should make a nice 1 on 1 video with a maximum number of dribbles.. Wonder who would win..
Just gotta master the art of undersized defense cause it sucks being caught in a mismatch with a bigger guy after screens. But I haven't played against any huge guys for a couple of years.. Gonna try playing the CIS guys after the season since I'll be training in their gym
+Salehe Rehani yeah weight makes a bigger diffference on defense than offense. sometimes i feel disadvantaged on d for being so light but theres techniques to make up for it. in the past ive tried very hard to gain weight and just couldnt do it so i said forget it, this is my body, and im going to learn how to use it. and as i said, i discovered there were plenty of nba players with my body type which gave me motivation to keep going
damn that was long..
You're kinda right. I just want to reach my highest athletic potential (and maybe you have or haven't) by being bigger since I've always been a great athlete ( fast and explosive in all sports even though I was pretty much playing injured) and I used to play post so I'm trying to keep a strong post game but the higher the level the harder it is. But maybe trying to add 45 pounds in two years is too much or even ridiculous since I could almost NEVER gain weight before.. :( But I think size will really make a difference on defense cause I remember some guy who was 150 and 5'7 toying with me down low in pick up and I was 6'1 155 but he was just lower and stronger with smaller size.. and I've also had to guard a 6'6 220 center and a 6'11 one but that completely changed the way I played D cause a knew I couldn't stand the strength and had to use my speed. I guess we'll have to see how this works out in the coming months when I start making videos just got a camera :) But I kinda wanna see how you D up Chandler and other big players cause I've always found it easier to adapt to smaller players (6'0 and under) even when they were better than me skill wise but I think playing a lot of PF/C in the past can help me expand my game more now that i'm training for PG cause the 70 pounds and 11 inches at the time makes a big difference.. Im gonna try to play with some bigger college players when I'm ready to see what happens. Gives me something to think about.. 
+Salehe Rehani youre making a mistake if you think you need a specific body type to be a successful basketball player. allen iverson was 6' 160, as are / were tj ford, aaron brooks, darren collison. plenty of players have my exact body type. sorry but i cant just put on 30 pounds of muscle and i dont have to. 
+Energy Efficient Basketball 6'0 is right in the bracket but I think you'd need to be at least 180 pounds. Idk about the lower leagues but in the NBA most point guards float around 190.. I'm 6'1 and 155 pounds but wanna eventually work my way to 200 since I'm still growing. Just gotta be able to get bigger without sacrificing any speed
lol well at this point i have more fun passing and most people have more fun shooting so it works out. before eeball i was a pure scorer and i dont think i was as fun to play with. but sometimes i bring it out. last january i scored 40 in an officiated game actually but have no tape on it. but if im on a good team i usually should never have to take that many shots. i do have a 3 ball you can see in my practice with the spanish team. the main issue for going pro is im 6'0, didnt play in college, have 0 coach references, and only speak english. i want to but it seems like no matter how good i am doesnt matter that much so i prefer to train. but theres still hope. as for playing chandler, it really depends. he has a lot of weight on me so i have trouble guarding him
1:14 chandler yolo'd it haha

Poppin tags at the UW IMA

Choreography by Jasmin Meakin www.megajam.com.au.

UW - TRiG project video for the IMA

This video is my way of showing new/old TRiG members the IMA at UW.

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That weight room is much better than it was in 1991. They had old bumper plates and people would stare when I repped 500 lbs for sets of 5 on deadlifts. I walked onto the football team as a linebacker to gain access to that weight room. There was no crossfit, no internet. I suspect there is still the nonsense at the IMA as the ivory tower academics think that their ability to sustain tenure equates with any knowledge of weightlifting. I am so glad I escaped the nonsense that us the UW undergrad system where most of the degrees have no applicable job training whatsoever. At least back then I was only paying $965/ quarter for a 4 year psych degree. If I had been smart I would've enrolled in their nursing rn program and gotten job ready, that is today after 3 degrees, two of which are outside the uw.

UW IMA Roof Leak Summary Part 1

extreme cycling at UW IMA (LOL.)

Ima uw swimming pool test

Strip test for chlorine, pH, etc.

UW IMA Roof Leak Summary Part 2

Volleyball at UW IMA (Part 5)

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