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Craigslist madison guitars Videos

Madison Divitity 3 120w all tube Guitar amplifier

This amp is up for sale on craigslist Detroit.

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This Amp is being sold on Detroit Craigslist

LESLIE 825 Modified for Guitar For sale in Madison, WI 53704

This Rotating Speaker is the sound. Now is your chance to have that true analog Doppler rotary effect with out using digital plug-ins. Included with the ...

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Sounds great!! I recently acquired an 825 and was wondering if you could give me any information about the modifications made to the one in your video, specifically the foot switch and adapter/interface for the guitar amp.


Leslie Model 120 for sale on Ebay.

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Hello! I have a 1967 Leslie 120. How did you run the Princeton into the Leslie, meaning what preamp are you using to input audio signal and control motor speed.
+Roundaboutrecords That sounds like what I was thinking, I was just confused about the AC/DC part as a lot of folks suggest relays, which are likely part of the Dr Fishsticks box.  Pictures would be very helpful, there are people here who can build it, but I have trouble explaining exactly what it is. My email is [email protected].  I had already checked with TrekII and they were not very helpful.  I'll look into a pre-made box as well.  Thanks, Evan 
+Evan Rae Evan, here's how I did mine: The completely removed the standard 6 pin system. You will have two wires coming from the speaker itself, two from the slow motor and two from the fast. Wire the two wires from the speaker to a 1/4" female input. touch the speaker leads to a 9V battery (VERY briefly). If it moves outward then you have the positive lead correct. Positive lead gets soldered the tip, the ground gets soldered to the sleeve end. Regarding the motors, I use a pedal system I bought online on Ebay from the Seller Dr. Fishsticks. You can also make it yourself. Because you cut off the wires going to the connector box, you can now attached two prong socket plugs to them. From there they plug into the Dr. Fishsticks box outlets. Basically the switch system uses AC to power the motors, but DC switching from a footswitch to change the speed. That way, you do not have 120V going thru your feet. I can send you some pictures and wiring diagrams if you like, just send me your e-mail. My older video has me using the Trek II box before I had the Dr. Fishsticks. The TREK II is VERY expensive, so do not do that route.
+Evan Rae You will need an AC power cord, a on/off/on rocker switch and a 1/4" input jack for the speaker. I can send you photos if I had your email. You will need to by-pass the rear organ connector or install the organ cable and cut it behind the connector. Then, find out which wires are for the speaker, neutral and hot wires for the 2 motors. Install a 1/4" input jack on the back panel and solder the speaker wires to it. Then connect the neutral (white) wire from your new power cord and connect it to the neutral side of the motors. Connect the hot (black) wire from your new power cord and connect it to the input of the switch. Then connect the motors to each side of the switch. Then the switch will decide which motor turns on and change the speed. Last, mount the switch to the back of the cabinet next to the input jack. Plug the power cord into the wall and your amp speaker output into the Leslie speaker jack
+torrmark Any more detail on the install of the 1/4" and AC?  A diagram or images, perhaps?  I'm trying the same conversion.  I was thinking of constructing it as a separate box, but it seems you did it directly to the unit.   Thanks, Evan
I am using the preamp in the Fender Princeton. I installed a 1/4 inch input jack to the Leslie speaker cabinet. Then I ran a speaker cable from the Princeton amp to the Leslie (the original Fender speaker is disconnected) As for the motor, I just installed an AC switch and a power cord. There are 2 motors (fast & slow) so you need an ON-OFF-ON switch. Connect the neutral side of the power cord to the neutral wire on the motors and the hot (Black) wire to the input of the switch. Then wire the motors to the 2 outputs of the switch.

T. Haruo T100 T 100 MIJ Japan Acoustic Vintage Guitar

T. Haruo model T100 guitar. Dee Tatum wrote: "T. Haruo guitars were manufactured at the Terada Musical Instrument factory in Nagoya, Japan between 1976 ...

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Very nice playing, and love that guitar. I have a T60 and It's the only guitar I have been wise enough not to sell. In the late 70's and early 80's,(when mine was built )the Japanese were doing a much better job of making quality-Everything...which is why US manufacturers started suing them. I'm just glad to see that there are still folks out there that appreciate these fine (Martin-knock off) guitars. Cheers.
+Frank Huizar Thank you so much. You just made my day. :)

Jimmy Playing guitar

My baby brother playing my new Krossroads Guitar along with some sweet and funny moments with the boys.
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