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Boise cascade osb Videos

Fabrication d'une cabane pour enfants (Les étapes.)

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on pourrait y vivre dedans
+Nicolas Rouchon Merci
euhhh y a quand meme un sacré level là ! je suis amateur moi ! je peux pas faire direct un maison pour mon ptit. bravo c est tres chouette. j aimerai etre votre enfant ! lol
+Stéphanie Magne Merci Stéphanie c'est sympa mais il ne faut pas être un génie !
pouvons nous savoir les dimension
+alex milette ,2m50 x 2m50 et hauteur 3m environ
Lol la on parle plus de cabane mais carrément d'un studio. Mais beau travail :-)
+Moricio 187 Merci Moricio
Moi j'en fabrique une avec mes frère mais on achète rien on utilise du bois de la montagne. 
+kad mek mais tu les prends où les palettes ?
+Constance Matthews C'est vrai mais en habitant au bord de la mer c'est plus dur... LOL
c'est bien mieux, moi je vais faire avec du bois de sapin et des palettes de bois elle va me couté 0 euros 

Unloading tree length At Boise in I'Falls

Here Is a clip i shot while getting unloaded; I haul 100''. This machine is called the Stacker; It puts the whole load onto the deck/chain and gets sorted by a ...

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a great machine that Letourneau I operated them at the CNR in Toronto back in the late 80's and early 90's they were set up to load and unload overseas containers by lifting from the top of the container. once you got used to them they were fast and powerful no steering wheel and no peddles
Boise Cascade in International Falls, MN. I've never been there but they tell me it's nice. We used to get unloaded by those cervo stackers. They had no hydraulics.....pretty neat machines.
Boise Cascade is Opposite Ft. frances Ontario. Both 2 nice mills
was I unloading you while you shot this ? !!!
is that in idaho falls idaho
no its in Intl' Falls, MN

Ainsworth Jan 10, 2011

FJI Liggers van Finnforest

LIGGERS VOOR BALKEN, STIJLEN en SPOREN Finnforest maakt bouwen efficiënt en snel met Finnjoists. Deze I- liggers worden volgens de modernste ...

Kuiken Brothers Lumber Delivery by Rail

Kuiken Brothers Company currently operates 4 locations with rail sidings. Each year we receive and unload well over 500 rail cars loaded with an assortment of ...

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here at Taylor Brothers of Lynchburg VA we unload 100+ cars of drywall and framing a year it is the best way to get it here... great dock.
+Zach Hall Thanks for the kind words - The dock was brand new when we opened the facility in 2011. You can check out the whole site here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h48So1OtUno We wish you continued success at Taylor Brothers!

Quality Lumber at Kuiken Brothers

Kuiken Brothers currently operates 5 locations with rail siding which provides us with direct access to West Coast lumber mills. We have contracted with the ...

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Great video guys!
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