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Barnard college gala nights Videos

Meryl Streep at the New York Philharmonic Opening Night Gala

Sep. 16, 2009 - Meryl Streep, Don Gummer, Grace Gummer & Alec Baldwin at the New York Philharmonic Opening Night Gala & Concert. Enjoy!

User Comments

yah yaaah... i had to see twice to see her too... When I saw the pictures at Gettyimage I thought I saw Alec but I said to myself "Nahh, I'm just obssesed with Jane and Jake that I'm imagining alec being there"... then I thought I saw Grace but said to myself something similar,.. but they were both actually there =P! Thanksss
oh boy! I had to look twice to see Grace ;) Thanks a lot for posting it :) A new video of Meryl before going to bed is always great ;)
well, if ya think about it. when Meryl said "No, it's too expensive." it sounded like she was kidding yaknow?
Meryl said she didn't bring daughters, and even if she did, that girl looked more like Mamie. Imao
hahaha, "No, it's too expensive." she's funny! :D and she looked beautiful! :o
Where's Grace? I don't see her anywhere. Thanks for posting this!!
wahah lol its to expensive for all 4 whahahah thanks for the vid
I just finished watching Music of the Heart Great movie!
2:10 standing in the background with her father
at 2:11 is that garce who talk with don ?
how much is a ticket to the philharmonic?
u are all a fan need..thank u again!!!!
Oh, I see now haha. Thanks. :)
love it. :-)

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