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Toronto sun abortion Videos

Defund elective abortion - interview on Sun News TV

Campaign Life Coalition's Jack Fonseca was interviewed Oct 14, 2011 on the Sun News Network, regarding the upcoming DEFUND ABORTION RALLY.

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Defunding isn't enough
well done as usual

TTS Street Action Dec 10th 2011 PROTESTING SIN

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Anyone smart enough to read knows conspiracies happen everyday as conspiracies are nothing more than two people organized to do wrong. Don't generalize to slander people with your words without some fact.
Conspiracy theories and fundamentalism are for simpletons.

Trudeau Selective Abortions - Self Defence

"The Liberal leader's refusal to condemn the awful practice of sex-selection abortion puts him far, far outside the mainstream of public opinion," Williamson said ...

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I heard that Justin's mom would have preferred a boy

Sun News - March 20/'13 - Discussion - Defund Abortion Rally

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this what god thinks about abortion.
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