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Toronto sun curling Videos

Barenaked Ladies in Toronto- Curling Stones story

Infamous 'Curling Stones story'...from Barenaked Ladies concert.

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This is amazing. Best concert ever!!! I know someone who was at the London concert and he actually did talk about curling stones hahaha too funny!
I was at this Toronto concert, and that story was hilarious!
I was at the london one, loved it thanks for a great post
I was at this show. AMAZING concert!!!
Thanks for posting this! Great!

Loose Voluminous Curl Tutorial/ Hair info

PLEASE READ ME For more Info!!!!!! Hey Everyone!!!! This is a highly request video So you've been asking me for months to do a Hair Tutorial video here it is ...

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That is exactly where I started learning how to do my hair from Ms.Fablulousityisme. She has taught me so much and if I don't watch her at least once a week I start jonesing. She is so down to earth and I just get the feeling that she's like my friend that lives far away and I have to keep up with her to find out what's up in the hair world. Sister's are creative and talented with their hair but she is just straight practical
The hair is so gorgeous. I love it, you should try curling it with a curling wand. The curl pattern is amazing and it would look great with the color of your hair plus you'll get the volume, I love big bouncy hair also. Your so beautiful and I would love to see more hair and OOTD vids. Love you make up vids too.
I love the hair color! I watched your How to Color your hair DIY and it was very helpful but I want to know how you achieved this highlighted look and how much longer did you leave the bleach in the achieve this look. thank you :)
Hi! beautiful, I love your videos and your hair are to die for. would mind telling me what was the original color of your extension before dying it . keep shinning. also can't wait for the dying hair tutorial.
Hi Rosh do you make ur own U-part wigs ... I know there are tuts on YT that demonstrate it, but I'm just lazy is there a salon that u know of that makes them in Toronto? Thanks
Thanks for the video. I've been using bigger barrel iron, never thought of using a smaller barrel and spiraling as go down and using my fingers to get great long lasting waves
Thank you....I usually keep in for about 2months but I love the fact that its a wig however it is sewn down however I usually take it off to wash my natural hair
okay thanks...i loved your tutorial!! i JUST subbed & i hope you start to more hair tutorials as well cause your hair is always just as bomb as your make-up!!
HI! When you colored your hair what was the natural color you started with in order to achieve that color and which product did you use first as well?
I didn't even know you were from Canada :)) I live in Ottawa so I'm glad I'm subbed to you to show some Canadian support. Love your hair girl!
Ok, so did you just color your hair in the "ombre" way and also did you mix those two colors to achieve your final result? thank you so much
is that the only dye you used/ any toner etc? cuz am seeing other vids where others came out blonde but i want the same colour as yours.

Sebastian Giovinco Free Kick - April 18, 2015

Sebastian Giovinco scores his second goal of the match and gets Toronto within one goal of FC Dallas.

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This goal was obviously a joke. Goalie huge positioning fail
+silbaarChe ci vuoi fare, pretendono di essere i numeri 1 in tutto, hanno il complesso del cazzo piccolo. Ciao.
+XIV GEMINA MARTIA VICTRIXben detto... adesso sti americani vogliono insegnarci come si gioca a calcio... ciao
+Menessy27Man i answer you why. And your re-answer is the proof of why italian keeper are one of the best of the world, and americans not.So silbaar is right, if you don't know, shut up.Is better don't speak and seems an idiot, that speak and confirm to be a real idiot.
+Menessy27I am not going to answer because you are an ignorant without manners, get an education before trying to have a conversation. And by the way, you already know it all, right? So, get lost
+silbaar HAHAHA ok. What an absolute load of bullshit you just spouted. So are you going to address how exactly the goalkeeper is wrongly positioned? are you saying he should be standing in a place that the wall is already covering and leave open the space that the wall isn't covering? Because if he's standing near to the middle then he's not going to be able to save a strike that's near post.
Or if you are american, soccer. Soccer.
+Menessy27 My friend, it does not really take much effort: write about things you know, speak about things you know. If you don't know something, watch a lot, read a lot, listen a lot. Shut up is always a good idea. Make questions can be a good idea. But randomly arguing with strangers is usually a very bad idea. Because strangers can be experts of that matter, and you could be the poor idiot tring to show off something he doesn't have at all. Bye!Source: italian former football player (16 years career) and football super passionate
+Menessy27Nope sorry but you wrong. Goalie is to much close to the left post, so he's bad positioning.Obviously he don't have stand in the middle, but not even to far from the middle.A perfect positioning was two feet at left side of the middle (in this freekick), the middle center have to be more close to you than the left post, cause if player shoot at right side, you have a time to resume the 2 step gap and you are able to go for the save, and if the player shoot at left side you directly are able to save the shoot.So never cover to close at post the side when isn't the wall, cause you are however able to protect the side with a dip and because if the ball surpasses the wall you are fucked.Source an italian goalie.
+silbaar Anyone saying this is a positioning fail knows nothing about football, simple as that... the keeper cannot stand in the middle otherwise he leaves the entire right side of the goal (the keepers left) open to the right footed shooter for an easy goal. He is covering the right side of the goal and the wall is covering the left. You are clueless
+Antraxyet I agree that it was a GREAT shot, Giovinco is a very technical player I know him well. But a well positioned goalie would have had great chances to save
Well I guess it depends on the level of the goalie... with all due respect, I doubt you have had any chance to play in the same pitch of Giovinco, or even one two leagues lower! ;)
+silbaar Lol. I'm a goalie and assure you that isn't almost impossible to save this ball. Goalie maybe was able to save this only if he know where Giovinco shoot and anticipate the lateral movement before the dip. Otherwise is impossible to save.And yes positioning of goalie is really bad, but don't make great difference if a player make a freekick like this.
Giovinco >>> Dozy. Jesus, how can a Juventus reject be better than our own strikers?
because giovinco in Juventus were the 5th striker
+Abort Mission hmm because Juventus is one of world top teams? just guessing

Rainbow Connection Digital Curl

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WAVY HAIR TUTORIAL - Using the curling iron you already own

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Irish Senior Curling Championship - Men Game 5

TESN Dumfries Curling TV - Captured Live on Ustream at //www.ustream.tv/channel/tesn-dumfries-curling-tv.

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lights out

Diva Intelligent Digital Oval Curl Wand // Soft, Loose Waves

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Korean Magic Straightening Perm/Japanese Perm/Rebonding Perm Process Kim Sun Young Salon

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Girls Day expectations !!
Girl's day Expect!

Contemporary Curling Serpentine Swirl Metal Wall Art Decor Panel.wmv

Contemporary Curling Serpentine Swirl Metal Wall Art Decor Panel is where you'll enter a deep hypnotic trance as your eyes are enticed by the swirling visual ...
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