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Toronto sunset grill Videos

#Restaurant in Toronto - Sunset Grill.wmv

Vlog - Warm Weekend in Toronto!

Hi everyone! We had beautiful, warm weather in Toronto this weekend... it was nice to see so many people out and about enjoying the nice weather. Hope you ...

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Loved the vlog! :)
+hardpliers thank you! :)
An hour walk? Is this common for you? My walk to work is 30 minutes. I guess this is how you get in your exercise? If so, good for you! Since you live in a a place where moisturizers are a must, what would you recommend for a good, affordable hand cream and something for dry fingernails?
+cistle oh yes, long walks are definitely a huge part of my exercise... it's pretty much all i do at the moment. i walk just under an hour to work and then back home again. it's great to have that walk but i think i would prefer a 30 minute walk like you have... sometimes an hour can be a little too long, especially when i'm tired after work and just want to get home. i'm happy for the exercise though. for hand creams, i am currently using the curel hand & cuticle therapy and it actually works quite well. it's pretty light yet moisturizing. i also really like the crabtree & evelyn hand creams; however, those are a little more expensive.
lovely vlog! I look forward to your declutter marathon :)
+thankstofashion thanks so much!! decluttering videos will be posted very soon! :)
The decluttering marathon sounds great! 
+shadow131413 thank you! it will be coming soon. :)
we have 3 doggies... one 14 yr old Jack Russell, we buy her Wellness Senior, Rosie.. our long haired chi is 5 and she eats adult Wellness food, then we have a 3 month old little Yorkie and we get her puppy Wellness.... well, as you can guess... the pup likes the Senior... the oldest likes the puppy food... and Rosie, our chi... likes it all! haha Love them... What does you Lulu eat?
I've thought about going to a raw diet for our babies, too!  :)  
+Msmollyandrosie awww your doggies sound adorable!! they must be such a cute bunch. :) lulu eats raw food... we feed her little meat patties from a company called pets4life. she has 3/4 of a patty in the morning and 3/4 in the evening. during the day, we give her a little bit of all natural peanut butter with a broken up duck strip (100% duck) in her kong. she sometimes gets snacks too like a small piece of banana, plain yogurt, plain peas, carrot, etc. lulu likes it all too, just like your little rosie!!! :)
I love your vlogs..you eat such amazing food at amazing places that we do not have around here in rural Wisconsin. I can't wait to watch your declutter videos! I tried to do some decluttering but failed this time around since last time I did well and got rid of a ton. I didn't have much that I wanted to part with!
+faeriesmak thank you so much!! it's difficult to keep up the momentum with decluttering especially when you've done a big purge already. at least you know that most of the things you have left are ones you truly want to keep. :)
A week of decluttering sounds like a GREAT idea (like you mentioned, Alison Anderson just did that spring cleaning week and even though she didn't post every day it was fun to have those videos and really inspiring). I am so happy you finished that book finally! Hopefully the next one is a little easier to read. All your food looks amazing as always. P.S. I just sent you a message on FB :)
+Zoë Danielle thanks so much zoe!! i'm happy to have finished the book too. it felt really good to put it in the donate pile. :) list of restaurants will be coming soon... i have a coworker coming back from vacation next week and just want to touch base with her first. :)
Aaaw Lulu is so cute, making new doggie friends :) I'm so happy spring is finally here in the netherlands too, love the sun shine and warmer weather!
+mandy22f she's so funny... so eager to meet new friends but then she loses interest so quickly and just takes off. it was a beautiful 20 degrees here today... spring has finally sprung! :)
Yay for warmer weather!!
+ShopSRJ thanks so much sara!! have a lovely weekend! :) x
I love your vlogs including your declutter ones, so looking forward to the upcoming ones! I've been on a similar track myself, downsizing my possessions, clothes, books etc, and your videos always inspire me to keep going :)
+67bennington thank you so much! lots of decluttering coming soon. i want to keep up the momentum while i'm still feeling the excitement of paring down. :)

Sunset Grill Restaurant - 60 second TV spot

This is a vintage commercial created many years ago, posted here for the amusement of the participants.

Blue Mountain Vlog: Sunset Grill, sneaking into the workout room, roller coasters, and more (day 3)

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Sunset Grill at York and Yew - Kitsilano Vancouver BC Canada

Geoff from //geoffmobile.com visits the Sunset Grill at York and Yew in Vancouver BC Canada for a delicious Orange Juice and Quinoa salad. Please ...


This is a video of a visit by the Easter Bunny (huh, looks like Daisy Duck to me) at the bar of Pop's Sunset Grill......too funny.

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Canada Life Vlog4| week3| Free pancake in Sunset Grill, Niagara short trip


Sunset Grill Restaurant

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