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Faulkner university les miserables Videos

Vocalize Vocal Group - Extract from Les Miserablels

Vocalize is a vocal group based just outside of Chester. this is one of our most recent works using three songs from Les Miserables to create a small extract.

Mapa Youth productions presents Les Miserables

A Brief teaser of the upcoming school edition of Les Miserable, being performed at the Belfairs high school from Wednesday 29th August - Saturday 1st ...

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Good luck to you all. This looks fantastic. Some wonderful vocals xx
i miss this :') watching the dvd and reminiscing ahaha :')
i am watching it evrey day best thing iin the world hikah
arent they amazing singers
hi love film Amelia

Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo Book 03, ch. 04: Tholomyes is so Merry that he sings a Spanish Ditty

Les Misérables, Volume 1 (Audio book) by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) Translated by Isabel Florence Hapgood (1850-1928) This is volume 1 of 5. -- An ex-convict ...

William Faulkner

A brief synopsis on the legendary man who has been credited as, "one of the greatest writers of American history". - created at //animoto.com.

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who sings this song? its driving me crazy trying to find out who the artist is.
@rynoblueblue Justin Raisen, I'm right here :) thanks for watching the video

Monsters University Preview (Extended) (Pixar) (HD)

For more information on Monsters University head on over to //disneyvault.net/tag/monsters-university/ Subscribe Now: //tinyurl.com/72rwgrv Follow on ...

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Guess I don't need to see the film now.
Wow, spoilerific much!!

Exeter University Choral Society - BENEDICTUS

From Mozart's Missa Brevis Spaurr Mass. 12th June - Alumni Auditorium.

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Don't know why whoever was filming decided to focus on my face at the midpoint >_
really cool!!...........

University of Kentucky Men's Chorus

This is one of their performance pieces for ACDA.

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It's called "Dedication" It was written by our compser in residence, Richard Burchard. It's in Memory of our Director's, Dr. Johnson, parents. It's one of my favorite songs that we did this year.
Absolutely incredibly beautiful.
What piece is this??

Why did you choose Schreiner?

Marketing student Alyssa Smith asked fellow students why they chose Schreiner University.

Senn Concert Choir: Mouth Music

The Concert Choir from Nicholas Senn High School directed by Christopher Yung performs "Mouth Music" by Dolores Keane and John Faulkner at Chicago a ...
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