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Oakland nursery ad Videos

Woody's Barnyard at Oakland Nursery 10-13-2013 (via YouTube Capture.)

Children's Hospital Oakland's Intensive Care Nursery Reunion

Children's Hospital Oakland hosts an annual ICN, also known as NICU, reunion on the second Sunday of June. There's a lot of food and fun in the sun for patient ...

10 million BTU wood chip boiler

Grand Blanc Michigan wood chip boiler at a greenhouse. Installed in 2007 by Bordine Nursery with the support and engineering from Thermo Energy Systems ...

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This is a hot water boiler. No steam, and no steam turbine. The boiler heat goes into a very large 200,000 gallon hot water storage tank to use when the sun goes down at night & the large, large greenhouse areas call for heating. Here is a link to the Bordine's Nursery page mentioning this hot water boiler: www.bordines.com/goinggreen The boiler is 3MW (hermal, no electric output, only heat).
Yes, good question. I'm curious to know: What pressure does the boiler operate at? considering that the boiler is so large, does the system include a turbine to generate electricity from the steam? I'm assuming that the nursery is quite large, to justify the cost and size of this boiler. jleidel2220, do you have more info on the nursery itself? Thanks!
I'm sure that the electrical load is more than your standard gas boiler, but this project pays back the $1.5M plus investment in just a few short years. The overall cost savings is substantial.... Jim
The fuel looks gnarly... like itll bridge and plug all over. 100 yards in 24? Thats a baby. Still looks like a cush job. Can you tell me what your CO and NOx emmisions are?
1:20 brings a whole new meaning to "dump truck". First time I've ever seen one of those dumping its own load.
I fig if its a 3 MW plant I say less than 0.5 MW is parasitic load, for everything is so small
Does this have an economizer (return feedwater heater)?
what are they heating???

3280 Cairncross, Oakland Charter Township, MI - $2,800

//www.realestateone.com/homes/216014815_MIRC-3280_Cairncross-Oakland_Charter_Township-MI-48363/r_youtube $2800 3280 Cairncross Oakland ...

TheWest End Food Project

Mary Mary Quite Contrary | Nursery Rhymes | Popular Nursery Rhymes by KidsCamp

Check Out the BEST Nursery Rhymes Compilation from Kidscamp //vid.io/xqXM Watch the beautiful Nursery Rhyme for children - Mary Mary Quite Contrary!

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anyone els here because of a true meaning behind nursery rhymes video? yeeaah me too
Yeah I watched and then listed to all the nursery rhymes
If only all of you knew the real meaning behind this you would never show this scary shit to your children
I know the true meaning g too
this video is really disturbing knowing the nursery rhyme was about Queen (bloody) Mary and her love for torturing people. cockle shells were a torture device and "pretty maids" were another name for the original Guillotine.
+msinvincible2000 oia
+msinvincible2000 Pretty maid was early form of guillotine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maiden_(beheading)
The guillotine was invented 2 centuries after Mary I died.

50 Fund Playmaker: Ron Zeno and Oakland Children's Fairyland, Inc.

Oakland Children's Fairyland, Inc is a renown storybook park dedicated to stimulating a child's imagination, creativity and desire to learn, and has joy to children ...

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scholarships for minorities,2015,//www.usascholarships.com

D'Cuckoo at the Oakland Colosseum and Great American Music Hall

Discovery Channel video featuring D'cuckoo performing at the Oakland Colosseum Grateful Dead Mardi Gras show plus performances at the Great American ...
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