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Garlic bread comedy sketch Videos


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Haha this is so great!! Made me laugh =] "Be a doormat!" haha =]
@BrittWestbrook ahh thanks so muchh!(:

Garlic Bread Fight (Jon Rudnitsky.)

Fetty Who? : Comedy Sketch

Who's Fetty Wap? A rapper? Alex dad is not having that in his rich, high class house hold. Heres the premiere of "Dinner With The Parkers". Weekely Skits ...

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Funny!!! Keep them coming Will
Thanks! Stay updated.
lol omg to funny
Nephew you are so hilarious this is the best video I have seen on tube in a long time great job can't wait to c more love you big baby Auntie #your #fan
Thanks! 11 more episodes to go
I loved this video
Glad you enjoyed!
i am so short
Girl u did that awesome job

KishanCam - Garlic Bread


Thank For Subscribing! Glad You Liked The Video! Feel free to post a video response and dont forget to comment and rate :{D! SOOO, I teach you how to make ...

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i spy with my little eye........A CREEPER! bahahahahaha i'm in the kinda mood you were in when/after you filmed this! this was enjoyable! haha. I was going to say when we do meet up we should do a cooking video on making mint brownies lol but i just think we'd throw stuff at eachother and make a huge mess rather than make them. any ways. i shall talk to you soon nick nack.. :P oh...and you can't have luigi back...unless you give him back his mustache. haha ok i'm realllly gonna go this time. :O
1 package walnut brownie mix 4 mint chocolate candy bars. Preheat oven to 350degrees F. Grease bottom of a 13x9x2-inch pan. Prepare and bake brownies following package directions for basic recipe chewy brownies. Break chocolate candy bars along scored lines. Place pieces immediately on hot brownies. Cover pan with aluminum foil for 3 to 5 minutes or until chocolate is shiny and soft. Spread gently to cover surface of brownies. Cool completely. Cut into bars. Do all of this in the shower
@Nickspov Step one: Disperse all will to take your time. Step two: Crack ramen in half and apply to microwaveable bowl. Step three: add water , make sure its lukewarm~ Step Four: Microwave for 3 minutes on HIGH Step 5: remove and apply spices as lazily and sloppily as possible. Step 6: Mix and devour as fast as possible. For best taste. DO NOT ENJOY IT, INHALE IT.
I love garlic bread! I want to try making it now like you did =P! And um, well, my favorite food is pizza and well i think a lot of people knows how you make that lol. AND I deffinatly was digging the music in the background of the video haha :D!
I like turtles :{D but they're not to eat. I'll have a Philly cheese steak sandwich with melted pepper-jack on a sourdough bun. And don't forget the grilled onions and green peppers. Mmm Good Eats!
Wow... U have nice hands! :-D! Well I have to say that my favorite food is rice with onions and chicken... It tastes awesome although it may sound gross! Nice video! Keep up the good work! ;-)!
i like lasagna. its very easy to make even though i havent made it yet i might try to make lasagna im more of a bake type of person. i love to bake and decorate what i made.
No doubt.. especially if you use a *real* chili (like my two bean chili recipe) instead of the canned stuff. mind, the canned stuff is ok, but homemade is always better.
I went to Europe, it was amazing and the food was all delicious. This is just something simple and easy to do. Its not professional cooking, its just easy yummy food :D
ooooooooooooo loooooks sooo yummy!! i really like the way u made ure bread. im going 2 attempt 2 make it i think. my fave food is anything with cheeeeese xx
i like cheese and potato pie. Which is basically mashed potatoes with cheese on top and i leave it in the oven longer so the cheese is crunchy! =D X x
after watching this I got hungry, so went to the store to buy the ingredient for this but it was failure... :D it exploded XD

Girls would Twerk For Anything (Comedy Skit)


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I swear this is so true. Good moves lol
What's that song at 1:32 ?
That is my family 
lmfaoooo nigga dumb
That is domincin
Dope shit bro

David Mitchell on Michael McIntyre's Christmas Comedy Roadshow

I've uploaded this, purly to express the fact that David looks like Jim Howick here... That is all.. I really do apologise for the rubbish quality D: *+*All rights to ...

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That was a treat to watch David Mitchell 'doing standup' from the Royal Box lol. Except it was more of a monologue. ANyway obviously a couple of smarter-than-average people on here, dont think Ive ever seen someone list their favorite comedians as David Mitchell, Dylan Moran aand John Cleese. If Dylan Moran and John Cleese, especially, appear in the same sentence, that person has impeccable taste. And someone else picked up on 'orient' when the English is 'orientate'. ...I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW I wasnt being a dickhead when people said it was orient and I disagreed. This has vindicated, and in many ways, emancipated me, so that finally I can turn to all those who doubted me, and then turn back and write to strangers, that I was right. Next: to successfully refute the hideous mispronounciation of the word 'ConTROVersy'. Merry Christmas.
+Stan Dando unfortunately you've somehow managed to mispronounce, in text form, the word 'mispronunciation'. It's '-unciation' not '-ounciation', look it up. The rest of your rant was great anyway, keep it up.
why am i watching a christmas special in june?
+Tongueand Cheek Because the video title did not allude to a Christmas theme.
Frankly, negative opinions are a poor reflection on the person with the negative opinion, usually whiny and misspelled, they bang on about something they don't even like, even though they just sat through the whole thing, there is an ''off'' switch, you can change the video, no one is holding a gun to your head to watch, and if they are, reach up and pull the trigger, we're better off without your constant complaining about how un-funny someone or something is, but I guess it takes one to know one, huh?....
Frankly, negative opinions are a poor reflection on the person with the negative opinion, usually whiny and misspelled, they bang on about something they don't even like, even though they just sat through the whole thing, there is an ''off'' switch, you can change the video, no one is holding a gun to your head to watch, and if they are, reach up and pull the trigger, we're better off without your constant complaining about how militant of a nazi someone or something is, but I guess it takes one to know one, huh?...More to the point, you comment is complaining about complaints. The irony is palpable.
Your comment basically decries all negative feedback.
Yet you don't ignore said comments & opinions. You don't have to read or comment on them. Comment sections are for discussion. This is the internet, if you can't handle the bad - you are in for a hard time trying to find the good. Practice what you preach - you aren't fooling anyone. 

The Royle Family - Red Nose Day 2009

Funny sketch from The Royle Family team for Red Nose Day 2009.

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Better than the Xmas special but that's wasn't exactly difficult to accomplish as that was shite! But this one did actually make me chuckle a bit instead of sitting there with my mouth on the floor, although I wish they'd all leave it alone now. Limited shelf-life and all that. Even Fawlty Towers only did 12 episodes! They should've stayed out on a high and remained a classic.
we need more shows like the royle family by that i mean ones with scripted moments and less shows like big brother where you spend up to an hour watching someone sleeping in bed.
The laughter track / studio audience watching the VT or whatever takes away from the funnies. The Royle Family was always about the silences between the comments and jokes.
Why has Dave become increasingly thick throughout the series? He was fine and a little cocky in series one.. and now hes just thick as shit
This is okay but feels a bit contrived, and the characters feel like stereotypical versions of themselves. First series was the best,
I love this so much... I've been studying it in A-level sociology because it displays an "accurate portrayal of the working class"
"open that window wud ya anthony...it'll let the smell of your fathers balls out" looool great and "decomposing my arse" looool
I love anthony . . . wish they didn't have the fake laughing in the background, that ruined it a little
the first series was class . but Daves character just went down hill after . acting stupid and dopey .
there is a possibilaty mate the bbc have ask cash an aherne and there waiting to see what happens
'Whats the point of living anyway .... Have U seen the price of carrier bags', PMSL
how bad is he? well earlier he asked me to turn the heater on *Gasp* Poor Dad! Lol
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