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Louis Theroux - Klan PR Makeover (from Michael Moore's TV Nation)

Quite possibly Louis Theroux's first ever TV appearance (please correct me if I'm wrong). Louis talks to the KKK about their attempts to improve their image.

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" I dont´hate anyone".. Can gay people get into membership? They just promote white pride as black people promote black pride. Can´t see the big problem about that. It ain´t right that white people shall feel shame because they are white. Don´t people know that white people too have been slaves too? north-african arabs kidnapped white people from boats and at Irland´s shores to become slaves. Never have white people got any excuse for this shame in the history.
"it juss... a design.. that i picked up... and i wanna make into a Teesha." "cumpnies, cumpies, big cumpies like Seeeeearrs, and igsetiv groups." "calacka surprise...ok, wondeess clapsman a havin a bhoofday. so they.. vwented a cake... and a black lady jump ouwh... cadillac." "thississ,, one of the klan figweens." "yknoo, lottatime duh media.. theyll think that its a..nazi sloot... teeh..fahhhm.. naaht." "like de woman empow. dey give de right hand sloot." Wat.
Can white people become member of black panthers or say black pride too? It´s about not feeling a shame anymore of being white! (the only problem is that this new klan guys do it all wrong). I´m sure that some of them have black ancestors too without knowing it and vica versa with black people. I saw one black african-american who found out that his grand grand grand-father was a major slave-owner. He didn´t know what to say or think anymore..
Question of loving somes more than others? ummm, .... I said:.. why no? who say we have to likes black people culture or any other culture? why to imposed that on us? For me, is not much about colour, is about coulture, believes etc. but it does not mean I am going out killing all the negros, musulmans, or ignorant I happen to met. We all have the same rights in the this world, I just keep away from then as much as I can thank you..
Why? Why do White Americans deserve everything they get. Because we were infiltrated by juden? So therfore a large section of the White race now "deserves" genocide? I have you as a friend. Whose side are you on? White? Or the anti American zionist hoards who play both sides of the Atlantic against each other? Wake up brother your being decieved by jews! 14.
I would like to correct you! Louis done a series before tihs that included time with the Hamiltons and Jimmy Saville - maybe a few others to.(You wouldn't have heard of these unless your from the UK. Quality TV. Have you seen the one he done about swingers?...superb, so funny. The one he done in Thailand looking a Thai Bride dating agency was also good.
Louis needs to revisit the Knights of the KKK of Harrison, AR. They've done a lot since then with their daughters' band and ceremonies with people like Paul Fromm, Don Black, David Duke, and several other influential white nationalist speakers. Louis Theroux needs to be invited back, or he should ask them for another visit.
@WhoMeYeaMe I saw it but can't find it either! Great episode, 1hr long I think. Best bit is when he is spots some skinheads hanging around in there garage and pulls up and decideds to go have a chat, it takes a nasty turn after a while when the thick cunts figure that they are preaching racisim to a Jew.
Difference: There are more white people in europe (or people who are native to that area, they aren't all anglo saxon). Asian people or african people aren't telling europeans to get out of europe. But white people go to other peoples lands and tell them to leave.
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@mrmagoo1016 just to let you know louis is not jewish. he has stated that himself. I saw that documentary 'louis theroux and the nazis' or something on here and he didn't say if he WAS or WAS NOT jewish because he didn't feel it necerssery. It ISN't necerssery.
These people are such hypocrites, it's hillerious! How can they say that America belongs to "the children of the republic" and not Mexicans or Africans, when in fact the original inhabitants of the country were the native Americans?
I am Irish, German. French, and Alsation. PROUD TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I nelieve in this? NOOOOOOO Ask your members to look into just a bit if geneology. yall would be shocked!!!!!!
You guys should check out documentary storm (just google it) if you wanna watch more of his stuff. They have most of the docs that Louis has done on there :)
The Klan seems to forget that White people are not originally from America. They immigrated over. "America belongs to us, not those that came here"....Derp.
@themurge just checked it out- thanks- good call indeed, will defo help me with coursework and to really see what this world's really about.
This guy looks like Fred Leuchter, the holocaust denier execution equipments expert who was an expert witness at Ernst Zundel trials.
Lol "You're a jew, I'm not talking to you". Haha I laughed so hard! It was terrible but I couldn't help myself!! It was so funny!!!
"Not those that come over here in slave ships from Africa" What the fuck?! They were forced here you uneducated JACKASS.
lol Michael Lowe - is it coincedence that people with these extreme views always seem a bit....slow? Figerwines heh
Native Americans were here first, who knows if vikings or whoever were after. What is the supreme white human being?
Hah yeah, I thought that was a piss-take the first time I heard it, never imagined they actually used the title XD
I ain't buy none of them figurines with no right handed hiel! How could they's be all that dumb if they's white!
Louis is interesting here in that he's not playing his naive inquisitive journalism persona; he's more himself.
LOL THEIR land??? Blacks and whites came here on ships. Native's should be the one saying Get the fuck out.
How does a nigger tell if she's pregnant? When she pulls the tampon out, all the cotton is already picked.
shouldnt the kkk be called the kkkk. i mean their complete name is knights of the ku klux klan. right?
hey americans, what? nothing better to do? why don't you kick yourself out, you're an immigrant too!
Whites are native to Europe, maybe we should be saying get the fuck out to all non-Whites!
Nothing reasonable about race supremacy, don't expect them to believe the historical facts
Is it wrong to like this is? Is this the one video that people won't hate if you dislike?

Nichkhun at Suvarnabhumi Airport fubu fubu kkk:-)

2PM Thai Hottest ทุกคนพร้อมใจกับ fubu fubu หุหุ.

KKK & TBH at China Open (Why they lose???)

White knights of the klan - Take stand, join the klan (Thai nazigoregrind.)

The girls kkk

Virao outros por ai aguardem.

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kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mt mt bom ri mt
Kkk uma comedia mesmo kk
Gzuis q isso?

White knights of the Klan - a good nagger is a dead nagger

thai goregrind naggers are shit.

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dear god i ask you to kill the niggers, i wait for your miracle, amen :)
white power!!

Condoms KKK

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lol, you're screwed.
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