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Cincinnati state acceptance rate Videos

Cincinnati state men vs. Cuyahoga march 3rd 2012.mpg

Welcome Video for Teaching Online for Cincinnati State

Infant mortality rates

WCPO anchor Chris Riva discusses infant mortality rates in Hamilton County. ◂ WCPO - 9 On Your Side brings you the latest trusted news and information for ...


NPA S2W1 Cincinnati Crobats vs. New Jersey Nidokings | National Pokemon Association

Shoutout to my Assistant Coach, www.youtube.com/SwamiStudios for filling in for me in this battle. Week: 1 Record: 0-0 Opponent: Blue, coach of the New ...

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What did you do to make those battle calculations? Like when you just say oh if he starts with accelgor he'll do 57% and I can just soft boil and how do you look up speeds when it comes to choice band vs regular speed etc. Obviously new to the competitive scene :
+Angel Cruz pokemon showdown has a calculator :)
Good Game!! Was a fun battle!
For clarification: JPP enacted his one-use Life Happens clause that every coach gets, meaning that Swami his AC could take over for one week in the event of not being around to record for an extended period of time. JPP had an excellent opportunity to take a weekend trip for, and went through all the proper channels to approve it.
+National Pokemon Association Thats actually cleaver to make a rule like that.
+National Pokemon Association :)
Thanks for clarifying
Digging the layout, GG my friend! :D
+MoonlightSwami | FranchiseNation jpp assistant coach!! Good shit my dude
+GalacticElliot <3333

The Dark Knight Trailer

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2 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Cincinnati La Salle vs. Perrysburg State Semifinal Football

Cincinnati La Salle vs. Perrysburg State Semifinal Football.

2014 Football: Cincinnati La Salle vs. Nordonia - D2 State Championship

La Salle defeats Nordonia in the 2014 Ohio Division II State Championship game.

2015 Boca Raton Bowl No. 24 Temple vs Toledo No Huddle

If you liked the video and want more coming, please Rate, Comment and Subscribe! College Football 2015-16 Bowl season 2015 Marmot Boca Raton Bowl ...

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your vids are amazing. u earned a new sub!!!
+Derrick Turner thanks, man, appreciate it!
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