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Cincinnati state pilates Videos

Bria Pilates and Wellness Studio

Pilates is a very precise, attention-driven practice of exercise that creates a strong body from the inside out. Bria Pilates and Wellness Studio offers the highest ...

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Your studio is lovely!

Fight cancer with Pilates

Fighting childhood cancer is hard, but taking a pilates class is an easy way to help.

Getting Back to Dance | Ohio State Sports Medicine

Great dancers are very attune to their body language and movement, but like any athlete, when they have an injury, it can be easy to ignore. Gabriel shares his ...

Cincinnati's Express Workout - Gravity Fitness

A brief demonstration of a HealthStyle Fitness Gravity Fitness workout, featured on Fox-19 in Cincinnati.

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Gotta love GRAVITY!
cool 5/5

Nick Aldridge- Mountain State University

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Why did you leave Western Carolina University?

2010 College Football Rankings Week 8

New Learn Pilates App! //mhlo.co/qvbwyH //www.mahalo.com/2010-college-football-rankings-week-8 For the second week in a row, a new team stood ...
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