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YAMAHA 700 RAPTOR 2008 Sutii.wmv

Vanhat kuluneet takarenkaat yritettiin kankaille. Kankaille ei renkaita saatu. Ainoastaan pää pyörälle.

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you guys should translate that info text^ it says that the tires were very worn out so it doesn't matter at all :/ and why do you care so much about some foreign middle-aged man :D
what the hell??? no helmet when jumping and just wasting tires on the street you don't need a quad you sir are a faggot
Wasting tires!! COME ONE DUDE! Next time put your helmet on..for a jump
dumbass, wasting your tires
What do you care about it??

2008 KFX450R vs 2005 TRX450R

Race in valleyfield with tree guys (honda trx450r,yamaha banshee,honda 400ex...yo les gars de st-constant!!!haha.

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People are always bitching thing that other have because they are some kind of jalous God danm stop bitching a brand or an other they are all great quads to me depending only on wich one your prefer . I took the kawi because he had a fucking great looking a reverse and a fuel injection that the competion seem not have for 08 model if honda were the best quad out there then everybody would take that quad and we were never be able to compare it to others so grow up a bit in your comments peoples
@mossow71 In a drag race straight from point a to point b, yes the YFZ450 is slightly faster but on the trails the KFX is the better quad. More comfortable to the rider and has reverse to pull out of tight spaces and manuver your way around much better. Remember both quads are designed for very different purposes, the YFZ is designed to go fast around a motocross or endurocross race track while the KFX is designed for a day full of fun in the trails.
True but the YFZ and LTR is much more opened up and the KTM is barely even plugged at all. The KFX has the same issue but the big problem with the KFX is the weight. It weighs 398 dry and and most 450's run somewhere around that in wet weight so that makes the engine even more bottled. I'm just saying when I took my quad apart there were so many baffles and restrictions it was unbelievable.
those trx and banshee guys must suck haha. i had an 08 kfx450 with a pipe and an 01 banshee with pipes, bored .20 over, and jetted, and i would bet anything in the world my banshee would smoke my kfx450. i liked the kfx a lot more but a banshee is faster and especially on top end. but ive never ridden a stock one so thats prolly why he was losing lol.
yea, it's insane what they do to these quad's i mean when i pulled my kfx apart there was 3 seperate screen's in the exhuast alone. so i removed them all bought a titanium fmf 4.1 can Also removed the injection limiter. bought a fmf efi controller and im pushing near twice the fuel into it as stock Looks like a diesel blowing black smoke!!!
they have something under their sleeve called the trx450r but the problem is that they bottled up the engine and put cheap suspension on their. if they would open some stuff up in the airbox and exhaust and put a wider and higher quality suspension set up on their honda might have a chance. just the exhaust i added makes a world difference
Yeah thats why I upgraded to a purple powerband with tungsten carbide edges. It really grips and lets my 5 chromoly valves work properly, but then again I just replaced my cam chain with one of thoes new abs plastic ones, I also upgraded to a no-mix converter pump so i can run it on straight gasoline. Technically it is a 3 stroke now.
i like both quads! but you should try racing a newer trx! they are more faster trust me! i have an 06 trx, n i beat my freinds 08 kfx 450r just like yours by about 2 lenghts! n we both have same mods! so we r not stock! or either he sucks at racing i dont know! and hate to bash but, fuck banshee's!!
hey most of the 450s are all around the same. i race my dad all the time and we are both very experienced. the kfx yfz and trx are mostly the same or are pretty close. it all just matters by who gets the start. nobody runs away from nobody, plus the kfx 450 stays down alot easier than the trx 450.
Do you expect us to belive this video? OK fine the 2 four strokes run neck and neck and that shit bag Kawi has Fuel injection. But beating a 2 smoke? bone stock? I'm smelling some bull shit on this video. Even with Fuel Injection, that KFX dose'nt win! Get your money back dude!
the dud with the shee cant ride he was granny shifting and I really couldn't even hear the shee wailin(maybe stock pipes but I dont think so it shoulda been screamin) sounded like he didnt get it high enough in the rpm range and that's where the shee has a nasty powerband
ok, if you want a fair race go with the 06 or up TRX, the engines were smaller in 05 and below like 15cc's AND for all of you bitch asses saying TRX sux and the YFZ is the best come VS. my fucking ass, you'll lose dumbass, TRX won the Baja1000 06' 07' 08', so suck it
Kawasaki dominates everything. just bought the 09 monster KFX and it is fucking raw. recently hondas trx models haven't been all that great performance wise but something tells me they have something u their sleeve and when they pull it out Honda will kick ass.
the trx has a baffle thats like half an inch in diameter in the exhaust with a tiny screened opening that is like 6 inches long the thing can barely even put out exhaust and the air box gets air through a little tube. So dumb what they do.
same goes for the kawasaki, hell every quad is plugged up and limited becuase of all the tree hugger's. most japanese quad's put down near 35-40 hp stock. once limiter's are removed and a efi controller You can get anywhere from 40-50hp
sweet dude! sounds like a beast! I bet that would run with those 5 stroke banshees i see on here with them street bike motors! I have a trick hi rise throttle body on my 450r so i can run diesel!!! It's sick! Really improves my top end.
wow thats pathetic the guy riding the banshee should be shot put someone that can ride on that bike then race and watch the banshee smash those bikes and for the person running the camera such a stupid fuck
People who call bullshit on this video are so fucking dum, they think there so much better then the rider, im bretty sure you guys would lose against them, unless if they are pros or people who ride ds450
@powerstroker0864 u kno wut i mean, im not a fuckin retard i was probly high or somethin. i know it has 2 cylindrs w/ 2 pistons w/2 rods etc u get it i missSPOKE w/e taht means, connecting to 1 ENGINE
awesome video dannyboy1984. You have a kfx 450r. Cool. In my opinion you have the nicer kfx 450r. I like the green ones better then the red ones they sell and the Monster Energy Edition ones too.
The trx is almost as big of a flop as the 700xx is gunna be. Honda should stick with the 400ex. Wasnt perfect and still had no reverse but was a decent wheeler at least.
that's not true, we dynoyed a kfx the thing is just all tourque, it makes 35 ft lb's of tourque hte trx (2nd best) makes 31.8 essiently the kfx is better design.
trx 450r rider sucks..Watching him go off the line with that bike tells my my 250ex could hit it harder than that >.> Don't piss around hit the gears fast..
id put up a video but i move so fast the camera cant keep up and i dont y your swinging off these guys nuts tarzan but i dont see you out there on anything
lol didnt expect to be perfect but still wxpected it to be decent o and by the way if u guys were decent riders the banshee shoulda easily owned both

2012 Honda Rancher 420

2012 Honda Rancher 420 2012 honda rancher 420 4x4 2012 Honda Rancher 420 ES- Maxxis Bighorn Tires 26' 2012 honda rancher 420 oil change 2012 ...

2009 Polaris Ranger RZR 800 LE

2009 Polaris Ranger RZR 800 LE.

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Sand Sniper 1000 and Sand Sniper 400 Video

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Edirty, what are you comparing BMSs suspension to? In buggys 400cc and under it has arguably one of the best suspensions. Try going from a Sand Sniper to a Hammerhead or similar ride. There is no comparison lol.
Supersportz has been selling BMS Buggys for 8 years and they are the best for your Buck. Fiancing On Approved Credit call 1800-578-8608 Order Today
+EdirtySicks It sure as hell does not look like it is under powered or under suspended the 1000 has a 4 cyl engine in it.
BMS sucks. They are underpowered, undersuspended, and overweightThe damn fenders fell off in their own video lol
you are awesome.i bought a bms 400 sand sniper from you guys.IT IS AWESOME O_O/Thank youuu! :)
I have a 400 sand sniper its a pile of crap.honda knockoff hard to get parts. Wasted my money
I am thinking of buying a 400 or 1000. Which is the better deal? Is the 400 too slow?
@EdirtySicks im thinking of getting a dune buggy whats a good choice?
@awsomeness657 Buy yours from Supersportz 1800-578-8608
Shoulda put the driver of the 400 in the 1000
What is the shortest person that could drive?
Hope I'm happy with it

2012 Can-Am outlander 500xt Review

Well finally decided to give the viewers what they wanted.

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well for a quad that does towing and playing well would probly land around honda yamaha and polairs AS THE BEST. the can ams can do just as much as all of thoose 3 of brands but i feel with my outlander they went for a more performance oriented atv and thats why i like it. the only times i have to tow with it is when i gotta pull another quad out of the bush. and the polairs preditor and the outlander 500 are two completly different machines ones a sport quad and the other is a utility 4x4.
Well done. We have the MAX version of that very same quad and I have to agree with all your points. We did manage to bend the pitman arm kit (part# 703500784) with out being very aggressive, which was a little disappointing, but overall, quads don't come much better. It's a dream machine. I'm keeping an eye on the struts, so if you upgrade the front suspension to A-arms, I've love to see a video. Thanks.
Ya good for you getting the max model i regret not getting it but still love the bike wouldent trade it for anything! and the struts are my biggest complaint about the bike but other that i really love it. and i wont be doing an a-arm kit until my warrenty expires because my delear is replacing them under warrenty so that wont be until another year yet. THANKS FOR WATCHING!
I just can across your video... I am replacing a front strut on my 500 now and i had to buy the strut my self as the dealer told me that BRP only offers a 6 mth warranty on the struts ?? I hate the dealer here! I didn't know that you can get a arm kit to replace the suspension line a 650
thats werid that your dealer only gave you 6 months... my dealer gave me a 2 year warrenty free! and i belive you can get an a-arm converson kit but i dont know where to find them. best place to figure out where to find them is can-am fourm lots of good info there
i have a 2006 honda rancher 400 kinda the same as foreman but with a different engine. i like the can am way better. better suspension more power and a CVT trans... but i still love hondas for there bulletproof reliability and i think they are really fun to ride
What would I want to get usually for towing and having fun the can am outlander 500 or polaris predator ? And which has more power and the best to get?
"The can am has more power but the Polaris will be faster" well I haven't had to go over 78 mph, but I'll let you know if I do.
the can am has more power but the polaris will be faster. it depends on the type of riding you do
I always try go give the viewers what they want! and the best i ever did was 63mph
What would u prefer can am 500 or Honda Forman 500
Thank so much looks good how fast will it go?
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