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2000 jeep wrangler hard top removal Videos

Jeep Wrangler top removal

in this video i removed the soft top on my 05 jeep wrangler.

User Comments

very tactful vid bro on keepin the rear bar when takin down the soft top for open air ride...awesomeness less work more fun dats da way i see it...just got my 04 sport wrangler too...jeep owners are the most fun drivers in my opinion out there...furthermore this soft top provides me as useful as the bikini top option also..thanks again for a smart thought on this vid..jeep4ever hehe
So after watching your video I went out and tried it. You can fold the windows up if you unzip the side, but you have to be really carefull folding them when you undo the rest of the top so you dont mess up the rest of the zippers. and my zippers aren't dirty, the teeth are actually bent. so I either need a new top, or a zipper sewed back on.
instead of taking the side windows off can you unlatch them, and unzip the sides and fold them over the top too? or do they have to come off? my zipper on my driverside window is bound up and I cant take that window completely off.. Just wondering if i can roll it up like you did with your tail gate
No I dont think you can do that. I have the same problem with my windows the zippers are fucked up. But I dont know the condition of your zipper, does it unzip at all? There is a liquid you can buy of of Quadratec very cheap price check it out.
thanks Bra,,just got my 05 and its nothing like the old YJ that i had and i have a habbit of forcing shit off..so thanks for the video for fuckers like me...i can build an engine but not take off my top...NICE RIGHT...
put the roof down is not REMOVAL....everyone makes this mistake and it is very frustrating when trying to find a video of the whole thing being REMOVED as in frame off...removal, look it up
I took mine off / on for the first time earlier, and it was so much more difficult than this video implied. I just need to give it some wear I guess ? ... or maybe it was too cold lol.
no problem! i hopefully getting a lift and tires in the next year or so but look for a lot of videos at the end of the mounth on quads and shit if your into that!
Good stuff, bro. Very helpful. Bought my 05 wrangler from a honda dealership so sales guy didnt know jack about the roof on roof off process.
lol what a fucking dumbasss. btw im going to be getting things for the wrangler since im gonna be drvng in few months so stay tune!
Thanks, it helped a LOT! I spent the last hour and a half trying to do it myself.
i love you right now... i've been trying to do it for the last hour. thank you!!
Your tutorial was more simplified and less work! Thanks for sharing!

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