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Fiat currency collapse history Videos

Dollar Collapse - A Mathematical Certainty

Dollar Collapse a Certainty? When will it take place? Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year? What will your life be like in a post collapse world? Are you ...

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If this is true - that only debt pays off debt - how did we go from 100% gdp debt at WWII to 40% gdp debt post WWII?
+Dave Miller Hi Dave Actually, "we do not manufacture anything" is far from correct. USA still manufacturers more than any other country, 40% more than China, 1.7 Trillion in goods. So, that ain't it. - AB
+Andrew Baker We had manufacturing. After the war, our factories were at capacity replenishing was needed to be replaced...job were created. Today, we do not manufacture anything and have 93 million American's out of work. We are screwed.

Peter Schiff The Truth About Dollar Collapsing In Feb 2016

Peter Schiff : The Truth About Dollar Collapsing In Feb 2016 This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies,as ...

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Educate yourself. The Fed = old European Families and few families from around the World , the fed is not any part of this country,we pay them interest to borrow$$$ ,we need our own central bank and tell these bankers to. F...OFF declare bankruptcy and create our own. $$$ ,they have brainwashed you through. T.V..now go back to sleep ,watch football enjoy your b.b.q. Watch American idol,pornos,take your medication,read your portfolio as you shop at Walmart buy more bullets ,but don't believe what this man has told you,because he is just one of many who is telling you the demons behind the curtain ...go back to sleep .,you are the problem!
That's what the war in America was about in 1776. A war against the private banksters. They succeeded in 1913 when the federal reserve was created..
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