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Granada spain anthony bourdain Videos

Tapas Bar in Granada

A short video recapping our experiences at a tapas bar that was actually reviewed by the one and only ANTHONY BOURDAIN in the beautiful south of Spain.

holy week processions granada, malaga

Every day during Holy Week, religious societies all over Andalusia in southern Spain hold processions to give penance and to praise Jesus and his mother.

Part 1 leon (Nicaragua)

León is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. León is named after León, Spain. After independence, the elites of León and Granada struggled over which city ...

User Comments

I'm a nicaraguan living in managua, I went to leon yesterday after many years and I was really impressed by the way the town has changed, It's been restored a lot in the recent years and we see more tourists. I must admit that I go to granada more often because it's closer to the capital (25 miles), I had years without visiting leon, but there was a time when my family and I used to pass through leon while on our monthly family trip to visit our relatives in corinto (chinandega), and I must say that I didn't like the town at all, It looked shanty and decaying to me as a kid, after all "what could they find interesting on a town that doesn't even have a 'pizza hut' or a shopping mall like metrocentro?" that's what I thought as a managuan kid. But now as an adult with a profession I've changed my mind completely, to the point that I'm really considering moving to leon, I love the vibe of the city, the architecture, the history and the possibility of meeting people from other countries, I've traveled abroad many times and never thought that such an experience as cultural interchange was right next to me some 60 miles away... I'm a diehard managuan, there is a huge rivalry between the cities, specially in baseball (our national sport), but I feel that my beloved managua has been slowly taken out by crime, corrupt cops and traffic jams, for me the situation has become increasingly unlivable. In the last couple of years, I have been considering moving abroad, but maybe I just need to move to another town, I might try leon or san juan del sur.
Soy amorosa de Leon, la ciudad de la Revolucion! Granada es una ciudad muy bonita, pero demasiado "Gringo" por mi... Hay mucha cultura en Leon, muchas viejas casas bonitas, las iglesias, las tiendas y comedores en cada barrio, una gente muy amabile y - la gente bailan Salsa!!! Saludos a todos los bailarinos en la Casa de la Cultura y la Olla Quemada! Espero regresar lo antes posible! yayaya!
Thanks for sharing this. I showed my dad who grew up in Leon. He left in the late 70s during a war, on a bus to Tijuana, and from there moving place from place in California. He hasn't been back since then. It gave him a lot of memories, especially a church he attended that was shown in your footage. We/ He now lives in Sacramento.
beautiful????????, hermosa la ciudad mas bella de mi nicaragua que nostalgia,mi gente y mi cultura ,mis costumbres., pero algun dia regresareeeeee esperame tierra mia te amo .THANK YOU MY BROTHER FOR EXCELLENT AND WONDERFUL VIDEO.
I live in America and I am thinking about taking a trip to Nicaragua with my school and after all the videos and photos I have seen I think I have to come to see this beauty for myself! Looks like such a stunning country!
Translator & Writer Google Rolando Ernesto Tellez Get my Nicaraguan books at UNAN-Leon bookstore, explore505, or tierratour
Bella mi ciudad Leon!!!!!! Thanks to visit, and dowload this Nurettin Yilmaz, un abrazo fuerte mi hermano.
Por favor como se llama la canción con la que inician el vídeo y la tienes envíala a mi correo gracias
gracias por las imagenes te falto el barrio el coyolar saludes pero bello leon .....
I'm going there soon and my sisters getting married in that church for free :0 
yo soy de el barrio el coyolar. tu video esta muy bonito, muchas gracias.
Ahi estamos. Detras de La Catedral Patrimonio de la Humanidad.
bonito león pero muy caliente siempre esta a mas de 30 grados
Thats my City man!! I grew up there till I was 9years old.
Translator & Writer Google Rolando Ernesto Tellez
¡Maravillosa ciudad!

TDmonkeys in Spain Part 4. (Granada)

User Comments

That was one crazy day xDDD hahha luv the video dude i was looking forward to this one! awesome music toom didnt know that mix o.o
O_____o OMG diosssssssssssss !!! buen videoo !!Crazyy !!Saludos desde HUELVA Spain !! :)
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh was a greaaaaaaatt daaay :):):):):) (L)
2:52 that arabian that changes into a full is pretty freakin sweeeeet!
I likeeee this day !! hahaha i hope to see you again soon !!!!
jajajajajajajwas a great day, I would like to repeat it LL yeahh!
U crazy motherfuckers :D Great session guys rly like it :)
i likeee this videeooo and i want to training with us again
I dived into that fountain too, just a few days ago :)
yeah nice grass session ;)
Came To Huelva, PLEASE!
The crazyest!AJAJAJ
fucking nuts!!
haha sick guys

Some Places in Granada - Spain (HD1080p)

Plaza Santa Isabel La Real, Albayzin Park, Granada, Spain

A central plaza and park in the Albayzin of Granada, Spain. Good gathering place with a park for the kids.
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