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SHOWER TIME: Hairy Back & Dirty Crack!!

CHECK OUT THESE LINKS! PLEASE! :) SEND ME A LETTA DOOOD! Tybo PO Box 163 Tulsa, OK 74101 My Weekly Vlogz! //www.

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I'm always afraid to watch your videos at work - I never know what's coming - especially when you're in the fucking shower. LMAO!
lmfao....dude...think about where your hands where right before ya rubbed your face.....j/s now go give liz a big kiss.....
Go figure... I search for videos of guys in the shower and this comes up... not sure if I'm horrified or turned on...
Why do i feel like I invaded your privacy. Now i feel dirty. I'm gonna go shower.
I don't think I'm allowed to see this. This video is for adults 81 and over. LOL
Damn dude... you could have bought me dinner before we showered...
i feel like i know you better now that we have showerd together
Soap in the eye is the worst! EW never pee in the shower!
LMFAO, you are an innovator ty, this vid was hilarious
this was slightly awkward...but I liked it haha
This video is most popular with: Male 55-64
I think he dropped the soap at the end
Okay this was way too funny!!!!!
@erikdmc dont forget to vlog it
LOL That is all
Sexy!!!!!! ;)

Shri Mataji thanks Amjad Ali Khan & Sons (Amaan Ayaan) Guru 1995 (Indian Classical Sarod) Sahaja

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi thanks Sarod master Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and his gifted sons Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan, plus other musicians after ...

Naked man Fulbourn fen 23JUL15 Fleam Dyke Cambridge UK 132p

this old man is naked every time i go to fulbourn fen/fleam dyke fulbourn, i told police in 2014 but u know how useless they are, ( i mean the government has ...

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You should be a shamed off your self the man isn't well he's been suffering for a long time with illness. You have now not only abused him but all his family as well. You a wear wanting to film
+vivienne forte and how do you know this ? or are you just making stuff up ? i cant understand all of what you said are you an illegal immigrant ?
How dare you hassle that poor man. He is putting his clothes on because he hears a car coming, he doesn't even need to do that but does it out of respect. And you film him and put it on YouTube. You are not only infringing on his privacy, but you are breaking the law. He is not. In the UK you are allowed to be naked anywhere in the countryside, did you not know that? Unless you are clearly trying to antagonise people by masturbating in front of them, there is no law broken. The only lawbreaker here is YOU. You disgust me.
+Tris2000 no he doesnt hear a car coming you idiot, i came round a corner to the shocking sight of him totally naked walking towards me, thats why he turned to put clothes on. indecent exposure is a crime and he caused me distress and alarm , how would you feel if your wife ( well i doubt u have one) or kids saw this ? actually dont bother replying i dont care what you think
Hi there, Hoping to use your video for a story about this man - I've sent you a message. Would that be OK? Many thanks
+Virginia Newman You from cambridge evening news? Next time you use my videos if you are ask please!
He's obviously trying to find more secluded areas to get some sun so quit filming him with that super telephoto lens you peeping tom pervert. 
+Corky Stanton i see so your the sort of person that thinks its ok to behave like this in front of kids..theres a word for people like you
+Corky Stanton im the pervert ? jesus christ do you have mental problems ?
If he gets dressed right away he is showing respect for you. Children can handle it, you can't.
+Corky Stanton he can use his own garden, how would you react if you had little children with you and this weirdo suddenly arrived totally naked ! you are an idiot

A Thousand Years instrumental

Comment below what song you want a lyric video to next!

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eu dou o Anus ouvindo essas musicas manw puta que pariu o rato de 3 pernas e 11 dedos de chiclete com banana
+Elivan Gamer oxi '-'
+Elivan Gamer ey brasileiro kkk so nois?
I love this song. When 1 of the horses died at my riding school was the first time i heard it, Pika was my horse to ride :'(. Also the song is gonna be playing at my cousin's wedding :D
my sister played it at her wedding. she walked down the aisle with it playing.
Seems like timing is off..could be me though
nah it is and the tune is wrong


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who says u cant do yoga in ur sockfeet

Salon Concepts Intro

Mia Williams introduces you to the latest in salon ownership.

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Oh, that's really cool! =)

The Scientist - Miley Cyrus @ Bangerz tour Barcelona

Miley Cyrus performing The Scientist (Cover) at Palau Sant Jordi during the Bangerz tour in Barcelona on June 13th, 2014. //twitter.com/fabzare ...

Kathryn Kuhlman reveals the secret of her ministry part 1 of 6

want to know who Kathryn Kuhlman is...!!...watch this series..!!!....

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+howhe lovesus her bad deed is teaching a false gospel . No mention of repentance or how to live a life of righteousness . It's all name it and claim it nonsense on using God do your will instead of doing HIS will . That's false teaching .
+howhe lovesus  Good point. Thank you. Love, mox.
bible tells to judge prophets by their fruits.and good fruits are never produced by a bad tree!thus, can you state a single bad deed she did?
+Gkkr Malang I call them up, trap them, and transmute them back into the plasma grid after I'm done teaching them a lesson. Sucks to be them, nowadays. The pussy-ass demons, the illuminati, and the cops in Pittsburgh are scared to death of me. I've never laughed so hard. When they are close to me, they can't breathe right, or in some cases, can't stop crying and telling people they love them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Don't try it without an Arch Angel or two. 
+Gkkr Malang I don't think shes a witch but I think shes a nuts scam artist lol Shes also creepy as hell too.
+Mark Buchanan I am sorry to say this, it seems that you are trying to play with these evils spirit. Isn't this right?
+Mark Buchanan 1. All false prophets always pretend to be good pastors as if they full of the Spirit of God. If they do not pretend, they cannot deceive Christian. 2. The evil spirit that want to frighten you is a lower one and a fool one. The smarter one will try to deceive you in order that you commit to a certain sin. The smartest one will use false prophets to act like true pastors and of course they can preach from the Christian pulpit. It is only those who study the Bible carefully can realize its danger. 3) Yes, demons can pretend to glorify God in order to deceive you. Be careful.
+Gkkr Malang Can you please explain why, she wishes to pretend she is full of the Holy Spirit, rather than a demonic spirit? Does the evil spirit group want attention that is not fleeting? Do evil spirits think they can no longer frighten us, and therefore, have to fool us? Do they copy human emotion, and echo it to us as a deceptive tool (to make us marry Peggy Wanker)? Do demons or evil spirits glorify the prime creator without trying, just through publicity? If I trap a bunch, or can call them up, should I transmute them to glorify the creator, or remove them from these planes for recycling? Ya know, coz I'm bored of tormenting them. Thanks for responding. Love, mox.
+Mark Buchanan Witch is a woman who uses the power of evil spirits to do some things. Through this definition, Kathryn Kuhlman is a woman who uses evil spirit to deceive Christians as if she is filled by the Holy Spirit of God. Do you have other questions?
+Gkkr Malang What's a witch, and what do they do that we should be aware of? Also, any suggestions on how to efficiently reprogram them for the benefit of humanity, once you have them cornered? Keep in mind that I'd rather not get my floors wet. Love, mox.
thanks for posting this video. I heard Andrew Wommack talking about her and I wanted to see who she was.
+Gkkr Malang No, she's not a witch, she has an extreme style, but so did some people in scripture who were probably accused of that too.
+Mary Smith She is a WITCH!
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