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Louis theroux tmc Videos

Henrik Larsson || The Legend || 1*3 || HQ

Saradha case: Will Madan Mitra get out of jail?

While rejecting his bail plea, a city court extended the judicial custody of West Bengal Transport Minister Madan Mitra, arrested in the Saradha scam, till Jan 16.

'Coming Out' @ Christmas

IAN O'DOHERTY | "Woven" at Windmill Lane | EVOKE.ie

In week three of our Fighting Chance Winner Profiles, Danny McElhinney meets singer/songwriter Ian O'Doherty for a chat on his writing and influences, as well ...

Killadelphia: Mixtape of a City

A demo reel for Sean Christopher Lewis and his new solo performance piece, "Killadelphia".

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Playwriting I, best class I took at Iowa.

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Bihar jail rocks to dancers; prisoners and cops watch show - Bihar news

Dance in chhapra jail Bihar: Authorities in Bihar's Saran district on Monday ordered a probe after the Chhapra divisional jail organised a musical programme for ...

~The MetaShow~: Episode 2.

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The chick was a smart move. This was a smart move in general. It gives Mittens a much more humanistic element which definitely could help raise and maintain morale within the CFC. It kind of seems like the chick is kinda dotting over Mittens like "Oh my panties are so wet for your EvE power" which is ok, maybe its just that she's trying so hard to not say anything bad about the CFC or "seems" to have no resentment from tne Fountain War as a Testie.
I enjoy nullsec updates so keep it up. Are there going to be other guests on the show in the future? It'd be cool to hear updates from other entities. I wish the host was more knowledgeable about the current game state and challenged him on his opinions to make it more of a discussion and less of a soapbox. Also 1:13 is way too long. Maybe post some anchor times for the various topics.
I was wearing headphones during this and the banging of the mic was really off putting. I want to listen but it was almost painful, just some constructive criticism.
"Can't probe myself out" - Well, I'm sure there's a thousand people all lined up willing to help with that lol. 
Alex, you need more sun and more sleep. I feel kinda bad because it's my fault you will be getting neither.
Great discussion. I'll be obsessively watching this series. :)
can't believe she didn't know Venal was NPC space....
i bet that guy is wearing a cologne
Please keep doing this show
holy shit is that a girl
she looks like cosmo
Le sociopath laugh
she's cute : )

Dj Teekay Intro 2

This 2 All The Deejays and Producers Out there. Holla at me if you want such introductions. Subscribe for more Cool HD 3D Intros.
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