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Tuskegee university monument Videos

Tuskegee Airmen - Ohio Memorial Chapter

The Ocmulgee National Monument

The Ocumulgee National Monument is part of the National Park Service and a tourist destination in Macon and Bibb County Georgia. Used with permission from ...

Roberta, GA. Southern Railway Caboose, Col. Benjamin Hawkins Monument

A trip that my wife and I took to Roberta, GA. where we ate at Hudson's BBQ, real good btw, then looking at a monument dedicated to Col. Benjamin Hawkins ...

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I work for the railroad that still goes close to Roberta and the cab in this video is a Atlantic coast line caboose and Roberta painted it in the southern railway scheme but it's not a southern railway cab, the real cab that was going to be placed there was in a run away train and wrecked at the sand plant south of Roberta and the town got a ACL CAB and painted over a very nice ACL cab. Southern railway never had bird nest cabooses. 
...thanks for the info....Cutter

Wake Up 2day - Honouliuli Internment Camp Site to be Designated as a National Monument

A bit of history being made this morning as President Barack Obama is set to announce an executive order designating the Honouliuli Internment Camp site as a ...

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The dark side of presidential executive orders. More reason of why it is important to congress important issues on a public floor than to issue orders privately. May the U.S.A. never have a repeat of executive order #9066 that strips citizens of their rights, freedom and dignity just based on their ethnicity. I am happy to hear this landmark being preserved, but did the President really needed to be involved on this. Why couldn't the State or Local governments do this?

Touring Ocmulgee National Monument

Honouliuli National Monument

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