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Sulekha pune india Videos

HBD Sulekha 19-11-2015

Asambhav - Episode 390

Sulekha tells Tanishka that she is leaving from there in a little while. Tanishka asks her to be careful since the police are keeping a strict watch over her house.

Asambhav - Episode 395

Sulekha calls up Adinath and tells him that she is in Pune and is hiding away from people. Sulekha begs him to come to her Pune house, and warns him against ...

Asambhav - Episode 552

Tanishka tells Vikrant that she is just being friendly with Sulekha. Vikrant advices Tanishka not to use her powers for fulfilling wrong motives. Tanishka asks ...

Asambhav - Episode 124

Sulekha has told Poonam and Bal that she is going to Pune, but she actually leaves for Ratnagiri. Sulekha is unaware that Abhimaan is following her. Swapnil ...

Asambhav - Episode 45

Shastriji calls up Bal and invites him for the celebrations at the temple but Bal tells him that no one from his family would be able to make it. Sulekha and her ...
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