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Byblos usf tampa Videos

Neferkara: Guide to the Netjeru: Aset

Kemetic guide on the origins, mythology and offerings of the Goddess Aset ...

Augmented Reality for Armenian Heritage at Haghpat Monastery

The University of South Florida is working to preserve and protect World Heritage through education and global engagement. Our recent work to digital record, ...

Augmented Reality Used for Archaeological Interpretation

A brief overview of Augmented Reality applications by Dr. Lori Collins and graduate student Joseph Evans on how augmented reality can be used as a visual ...

Parking issues in South Tampa

The parking issues experienced in South Tampa are part of larger growing pains some say the city needs to address.

Belly Dancing in Acropolis Tampa Florida Acropolis3

Belly Dancing in Acropolis Tampa Florida Acropolis3.

Virginia Davis, Birthday at The Acropolis in South

The new Acropolis in South Tampa totally Rocks!
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