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Usf downtown tampa building Videos

USF Bridge Building Competition 2014

High school and middle school students build balsa wood bridges and see which structure can take the most weight.

Instructional Video - USF/Selmon Extension Balsa Wood Bridge Building Competition

This instructional video was made for teachers and students who wish to compete in the USF/Selmon Expressway Balsa Wood Bridge Building Competition.

Effort underway to have Bill Young's name removed from USF building

Critics say he had a history of ho,mophobia ◂ The ABC Action News app brings you the latest trusted news and information. ABC Action News is Taking Action ...

USF Athletes give back to their Community

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Great job! #athletesmakinganimpact #teamingup4community 

Ron Paul ROCK STAR Welcome! @ USF TAMPA 1/23/12 part 2

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love the little kid running his legs off yelling RON PAUL with signs almost as tall as he is!! Onto it little kid is doing the best thing for his future!! Maybe he can stand on his buddy shoulders, put a big coat on, and a hat, and sneak into the voting booth :-) They do it on tv all the time, totally works! RON PAUL!!
I lost my faith in the Tampa area when their jurors freed Casey Anthony, but now my faith has been restored! GO RON PAUL
@anonamedude That's easy, its called fraud. Are we really going to stand by and let them steal this from us?
How in the fuck is Ron Paul not winning every state? Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at all those great patriots. Ron Paul is a freakin rockstar.
VOTE rigging & Media bias is the enemy of the state's tool
jeez it looks like a political warzone! WOOOT!! RP2012!!
Very exciting - Keep it up! Ron Paul 2012!!! : )

Build Your Kingdom Here - Rend Collective - 2-27-15 -Tampa

Love Ran Red Tour with Chris Tomlin and Tenth Avenue North - USF Sundome.

Trump to build border fence 10 feet taller - wants to run against communist Bernie Sanders

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Tampa, FL and spoke to a crowd of thousands of supporters at the University of South ...

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We are going to win.
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