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Edinburgh university hospital Videos

Trip to hospital - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary - to pick up friend with Halloween finger injury

My friend G stabbed his hand with a Stanley blade while making Halloween props. (It's still early October, but he's daft.) It happened to be late on a Saturday ...

royal edinburgh hospital.avi

artwork conversion of the xray room.

The Islamic Society of Edinburgh University || الجمعية الإسلامية في جامعة إدنبرة

An introduction to the Islamic Society (ISoc) at the University of Edinburgh. facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/isoced .مونتاج تعريفي بفعاليات الجمعية ...

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يا عيال القفطة ١:٤٩ صورة عيسى وهوا يصور لايك تكفووووون
سبايك من جمبها قلك صورة عيسى هههههه
جد والله مظلوم استمرر ي مدني
اصل ي مدني لايك اخوك imoody_3d
مدني مظلوُم يوتيوبيًا ":( .
انا ما فهمت شي للاكن لاك
طيب ادعموني ....

Malala reunited with friends at Edinburgh University

Malala Yousafzai, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, is for the first time reunited with friends injured in the same attack, as she addresses an ...

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no she was shot because she was held up by the zoinist&elitist media as a red flag in the hope something like this woulds happen &problem because her name sounded a bit like Nelson Mandela. Education what education the Taliban educate religious groups like the jews educate, the Nazis educated , she us a useful tool to them (the elitist & zoinist ) & help legitimize the drones attack on political murders discuses as saving the USA from the evil "ultra poor" people of the area ,shes good press
I think most people who do not support the USA,UK and other coalition forces still admire this girl for speaking out against the fascist Taliban. I've protested against the war in Iraq and the occupation of Afghanistan,voted where I can to make a difference and made my voice heard but this young girl was shot for wanting an education,how is that equatable to the use of drones? We know they indiscriminately kill hundreds of people but how is that Malala's fault?
its sad to see the western elitisem using this girl to support there agenda & not a word about the others that were murdered ,there life’s cut short & names unspoken, trampled by the press eager to cover there disjointed truths(lies) ,she is just another prop to support elitism & its elisions of freedom & equality now a part in the coalition of the willing, the willing to deceive for self gain, not a word about the drones the tool used for political murder
no she had come to there attention earlier after a letter to the UN the UK or some other week need poxies zoinist buttock kissing group group as far as i know , what annoyed me was the total disgraced for the others who were killed & wounded , the Australian media discussing embeded low life’s that they have become
it need to be said the people suffer in both countrys through the religios & racest lies suported in both countryes by the elitest minority & there pampered pets like this young lady
This incredible young girl is speaking from her heart. We are enjoying all. It's not a secret when everyone knows who the elitist are. Follow your truth like Malala
I think you'll find she was shot before the western media knew about her,she'd upset the local fascist crackpots by daring to speak out on her own volition.
Puppet girl? She wants education and equality for women. I think you should shut up,you detestable piece of shit.
The islamist wants her to shut up so its save to assume you belong in that camp
Malala please shut up, Pakistan is asking you to shut up puppet girl.
I was there and well done for your speech Malala
Shazia is soon to be my bandmate!
well said

WOW! This Smart Robotic Arm learns how you move!

Science News Bulletin featuring a wearable robotic arm. Advancements in the processors used in myoelectric arms has allowed developers to make gains in ...

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he should get a cookie too
+the amazing gaming hahaha! No, cookies only for you! =D
In response to the title. I do not in fact fancy a robotic arm, I have both of those!!! I FANCY HOWEVER ROBOTIC LEGS!!! I hate being in a wheelchair
+Jacob Smith Oh wow! U really have those? Whats it like? I'm also in a wheelchair. Sucks! Yes, robotic legs would be the bomb!
first one too view and luke
+Swaggiebeats OMG! This must be a record! Verz well done! You truly deserve the very special and elusive PD Medal of Honor. You are now in the club of the Few & Proud! Congrats! =D

X. Winter School - Interviews - Röportajlar (8-9-10 March 2013)

10. İÜGEN International Molecular Biology and Genetics Winter School 10. İÜGEN Uluslararası Katılımlı Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik Kış Okulu Our club, ...

A walk up Blackford Hill, Edinburgh

It is said that Edinburgh is built on seven hills (like Rome). Actually there are many other hills as cyclists will testify to. The main seven are Blackford, ...

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The main seven are actually in town and mostly built over,abbeyhill,pleasance etc. Those are the originals. Anyway, very nice.
@fabulousminge Thank you for this. Much appreciated
Very nice. Might be my next destination.

Edinburgh University Library: ‘Towards Dolly’

In this film, Clare Button (Edinburgh University Library) discusses 'Towards Dolly: Edinburgh, Roslin and the Birth of Modern Genetics', a project to catalogue ...

Debate on Freud's 'Studies on Hysteria' - is the book still relevant?

'Is Freud's book Studies on Hysteria still relevant?' - Debate aimed at the general public. Chaired by Dr Tim Nicholson (Institute of Psychiatry / Maudsley Hospital ...

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I have just watched ALL the videos and was very impressed as much by the actual content of the different talks, as the eloquence and sometimes humour, with which they were delivered. For the neophyte that I am, it was very enlightening, which was, I gather, the point of this project. I As to whether Freud was right, or wrong, it strikes me that there are horses for courses and it remains much a question of finding the right approach to every patient, despite who's right or wrong. Great work on everyone's behalf. Thank you. Amanda Le Brun
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