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Edinburgh university veterinary school Videos

Role of stress in cat cystitis FIC explained by a vet specialist.mov

In this video, designed for veterinary practitioners, Danièlle Gunn-Moore (Professor of Feline Medicine at The University of Edinburgh) explains why stress plays ...

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my male cat gets unblocked by catheter left for one ay in his urethra- BUT he still had the inflammation of bladder and he DIED within 11 days, due to non eating and dripping urin from the full blooder that I had to express manually..now I wonder if he has already devoleped renal failure because his urine was pale, transparent, and he was drinking a lot of water ..any thoughts on this please??
Very informative video. I never had heard of feline URIs until my cat started yowling and could not urinate. The vet put her on a round of antibiotics and valium for the bladder spasms. She refuses to eat moist food so I bought her dry urinary balanced food. I hope it will be enough to ward off anymore episodes. At $500 to get her to a vet, I cannot afford anymore medical care for her.
Thanks for this marvelous lecture, I got to "know" Professor Gunn-Moore at Coursera.org, and I was so inspired by her lectures, her manner of teaching and the way of treating cats, that I became extremely interested in what other things I could learn, so...I'm here :) But, I must say, that the subs are really...weird. Seems like something's wrong with them. 
Thank you. You've probably saved my tabby's life. She was being persecuted by my big old neutered tom (mostly behind my back). Now they are permanently segregated, with separate feeding and toilet facilities and she's more relaxed and a lot happier only hours into it.
Could it be caused by the humans themselves? I've had some mental health issues myself which might have scared my cat and now i'm scared I gave him cystitis because of my own problems....if he dies because of me I won't be able to live with myself...
My cat is going through this, EXACTLY going through this, each and everything This Vet mentioned. I got to follow what the Vet really said. Thank you
thank you, I have learned something today.
Great video. Thank you.
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