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Chicken express allen tx Videos

TYSON TRUCKING (Grilled Chicken Truck)

Here's the grilled chicken truck, Tyson Foods, Trucking. Are you a truck driver for Tyson or used to drive for Tyson Foods? Leave a comment. This is high ...

LIVE Big Butted Women- Whiteboy James and the Blues Express

Big Butted Women- Whiteboy James and the Blues Express Live at New Blues Festival THE COOLEST MUSIC FESTIVAL IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA For over ...


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Can't wait to get my fingers on the juicy looking chicken. It'll be the coz of my death ☻

Southern Classic Chicken Suspect Crimestoppers REWARD! 13-179506

Shreveport Police investigators need assistance in identifying a b/m suspect who, on 08/13/13 at approx 4:30 p.m. approached the walk up window at the ...

Inspector Skillet - Episode #1 - Pt.1 of 2

Environmental Health Inspector Joey Allette with local chef Trevor Ball cook up Chicken Saltimbocca and Wild Mushroom Risotto. Safe food handling practices ...

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@tbharker - Thanks for the comment. The chicken is still not up to temperature so he can keep using the tongs until the internal temp reaches 165 degrees and before he plates the dish. Part 2 shows him plating the dish with sanitized tongs. Because of time constraints it is never shown between part 1 and 2 the actual sanitation of the tongs. The good thing is that you noticed it and hopefully this will help you create healthy dishes the next time you cook!
Thats a good observation. In a commercial cooking setting, proper hair restraints are required to keep hair out of food. However, in a residential setting like this, it is not always practical to wear hair coveringsbut it is always a good idea. Thanks again for watching Inspector Skillet.
LOL - Actually at 3:53 Joey does a "swooping" point to Trevor which (thanks to internet video resolution) looks like he touches his nose. Good attention to detail though!
At 5:00 he uses the tongs to put the chicken into the pot, they discuss cross-contamination, but then he never sanitizes the tongs... but keeps using them.
:D nice! I learned lots of things... thanks Joey and Trevor!
when is Joey Allette filming for iron man 3
They forget cover the hair...
Mmm... chicken.


Special Kids Incorporated Houston Texas. https://www.facebook.com/Special-Kids-Incorporated-179398112118462/timeline/ VAN BUCHANAN VOCALS on all ...


The well known veteran comedian from the Midlands was victim of a breakfast time prank by his chums when he tried dipping his toast in the yoke of a plastic ...

Texas Mayor, Killed By Pet Donkey!

A small town in Texas is grieving for its mayor, who was killed Monday when his pet donkey attacked him. William "Bill" Bohlke, mayor of Hollywood Park, Texas, ...

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He probably tried to have sex with it and the donkey kick the hell out of him and laughed. You know some white people be having sex with animals or little kids lol
A Republican mayor killed by a kicking donkey!? Now that's just too bizzare!
A black man with the last name Knight.....kinda ironic!
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