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Three Houghton art majors reflect on their Houghton experience, the significance of art, finding their niche, and their task of communicating the world's beauty ...

To better humankind

As one of Houghton's largest majors, the biology program offers student the opportunity to engage with faculty in collaborative research, making connections ...

The Pehrsons in Papua New Guinea

www.wycliffe.org/arop www.wycliffe.org/go Download this video at: https://vimeo.com/123227410 Ben and Mandy Pehrson met in college and soon realized they ...

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Such a beautiful video. Made me homesick. 8:01 "We love our friends here in Papua New Guinea. And they need God's Word. Our family and friends have all those opportunities back home. But our friends here, they don't." That made me think, we sure do have opportunity in America, but do we hunger for God's Word? What if we didn't have access to the Word of God? What would we be willing to do to get it?
What this family& the other 20 families are doing is amazing.in heaven , they will be seated closer to Jesus than many others. I come from a developing country so I understand to an extent the big difference of a life in USA or Europe& in New Guinea.But they are saving heavenly treasures. May Jesus bless them, protect them& their children .
Lovely! Makes me homesick for some of the sights and sounds of PNG.... Hang in there Pehrsons! God is working!
This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing 

MAC is now at Atlanta Tech Village

We are happy to announce that MAC is now at Atlanta Tech Village. We can't wait to work among the entrepreneurs and startups representing Atlanta's culture.

How To Make $60,000 A Year Working 25 Hours A Week As A Musician

A simple formula for making $60000 a year as a musician working part time. For a free 202 page ebook about how to license your music in tv and films, visit ...

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You rock Aaron! Thanks for giving us this very realistic breakdown! 
Thanks for watching!
I would have to say the issue I see with this is all the time not accounted for. To be fair, one has to consider ALL the time associated with these methods of attaining an income. For example: Building up a student clientele and teaching prep. BOOKING 4 gigs/week (including EPK updating etc) - accruing 4 decently paying gigs/week can be monstrously time consuming depending where you are located. What about set up and break down and dealing with sound - so much time! Practicing for your gigs - this is a huge time investment, particularly with a band. These observations are just in relation to "time" not even considering any expenses put out for advertising, promo, music equipment-not to mention if you are selling CD's (we assume you are recording) - that can easily bring a musician in the negative (unless pursuing crowd funding etc.) I think this is why most musicians only pursue one or two avenues - it's too exhausting and time-consuming to pursue multiple, plus when spread thin, you really risk sucking at all pursuits rather than being great at one. I think the hours are more realistically like 50 hrs + week to attain this and do it even moderately well. Just my thoughts
Well I did point out that you're going to have to hustle to reach these numbers and that it could even take several years to get there, so i think I made it clear that there was more work involved.  But a lot of the extra work gets easier and less time consuming over time.  I have regular gigs every week that  require absolutely no time to book since they're already booked.  And of course there are expenses involved, but all businesses have expenses.  This video was really meant as a sort of template that people can tweak based on their own situation; location, style of music, experience, etc...  Pretty hard to go over every single variable involved.  The main point was that you can make a good living as a musician.
Great insight, Aaron. This is why I follow this guy! This is precisely the model I have lived by for the last couple years (I am peforming 6 nights a week at a great rate, and teach private lessons, sell CD's at shows, do session work, and am still building my licensing approach) and I can personally vouch that this number is ABSOLUTELY attainable. A good musician willing to put forth even more hours of work/hustle than this video lays out will far exceed this number annually. True story. Believe in yourselves, musicians. Look at your music as a career/business, and you will make huge progress. 
+richgenoval2 Thanks for watching and for your feedback!
Found this Very helpful. Thanks A lot!
+Jesse Thompson Thanks Jesse!
Thanks for making this video! Great stuff. However, I think you mean performing covers 3-4 nights a week? Right? Not sure you can perform 3-4 nights a week in the same general vicinity (tough to travel when you have students the next day) and make $100 doing originals. 
Definitely easier to do with covers.  My main group does about 80 percent covers and 20 percent original.  As our draw increases it's easier and easier to slip in more originals.  
its believable....and attainable...but im having trouble grasping the reality of selling cds as more people are on itunes...beatport...rhapsody....etc.
People still buy CDs at shows, but you can factor in some of those sales as downloads instead of CDs.  Maybe you sell 25 physical cds and 25 downloads for example.  I was trying to present a very simple formula, but there are lots of variations that would allow you to get to this number or beyond.
I like that this is not only optimistic, but also realistic with numbers broken down to back it up. Fantastic work.
+Obscure Machines Thanks for watching!
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